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    Get to Access 2000 data via Access 97?


    by wordworker ·

    Hey guys, I have a client who had a “pipe” built that periodically dumps data from an SQL/Web server down to a database on a local PC. The problem? It’s dumped in Access 2000 MDB format. The client only has Access 97… I tried creating an ODBC workspace in A97 but couldn’t get it to link to the A2K file. (The client had updated Jet engine, though to my read it looked like the Jet update wasn’t intended for Access 97.) So…If I create an MDE in Access 2000 with the same tables as the data dump from the Web server, will the MDE let me import/link to the data in that other MDB? Any other suggestions for getting to that data using Access 97 or the like?

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