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GETTING 64 MBs when installing 128

By Shanghai Sam ·
In an IBM 200 MHZ Computer (Pentium), a client had only one 32 MBs in one slot.
The Manual says we can install 256 MB in the two slots.
We gave all the info. to a Computer Memory seller and purchased 128 MBs.
Unfortunately, the maximum memory we got, was 64 MBs ("164 Memory Configuration error")and the minimum 32 MB, using all possible combinations.
In other computers, the 128 MBs gave the correct memory installed.
What should we do in order to get at least 128 MB or using both slots 160?

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GETTING 64 MBs when installing 128

by TheChas In reply to GETTING 64 MBs when insta ...

I have seen many a motherboard that will not work with the current generation of RAM modules.
This is especially true of the first generation of motherboards that had DIMM sockets.

You can check with the system, or motherboard manufacture for a BIOS update. That may correct the memory problem. Or, at least expand your memory options.

Check the documentation very carefully. Some of the older motherboards required EDO RAM for the maximum capacity. EDO DIMMs are hard to find at retail sellers.

Many of the older motherboards require specific chip configurations for the RAM modules.
There are articles on this at both Intel's and Kingston's web sites.

I would check at either Crucial, Kingston, Or PNY for what they recommend for memory modules for the model of the PC / Motherboard.

Is there a jumper for memory type/voltage? (EDO/SDRAM) (3.3V/5V)
If so, is it set correctly?
Is the old DIMM EDO or SDRAM? You cannot mix types on a motherboard.

Another thing to check, is that the switch in BIOS settings is not set to limit memory to 64MB for OS/2.

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GETTING 64 MBs when installing 128

by 1stladytech In reply to GETTING 64 MBs when insta ...

My guess would be that the original ram is single sided and the new ram is double sided (chips on both sides). I have run into this in the past, and you have to find single sided ram - not always easy - to get the full capacity of the machine. Since you are installing 128 meg and the machine is seeing 64 meg, that indicates that it is only reading one side of the ram module.


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