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    Getting a job in IT

    by edrew1994 ·

    Hey everyone,

    I am currently getting my AS in Computer Network Technology with a concentration in Network Security. I graduate in about 8 months and I will begin looking for a job.

    My question to everyone on here is: Do I need to get my certs (Network+, A+, Sec+, Cloud+, etc) on top of my AS or will the AS be plenty in order to land a job in the field?

    I ask this because I’ve had instructors give me different answers. Some say you don’t some say you do and some even say all you need are your certs. I do have an internship I will be completing in my final semester, I was hoping to land a job from that, but I can’t rely on that happening.

    I appreciate everyones input!

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      Reply To: Getting a job in IT

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Getting a job in IT

      The more you can add to your resume related to your field of choice is a good thing. I graduated from college in 1990 with an IS (Information Systems) minor (no major at the time at my university) and I believe it was a handicap for me to get into the field later on. I am not suggesting that you need too many certifications, just pick one or more to add to your resume.

      From my experience, even just one additional certification makes you more marketable to a future employer.

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        Reply To: Getting a job in IT

        by mabnozicka ·

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        If you want a part-time job as an IT specialist, you don’t need proof of competence.

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      Depends on the qualification of your job

      by kepion ·

      In reply to Getting a job in IT

      Some HR or vacancies write the certs as ‘required’, however imho, I think better to attach your certs to show your capability

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      My opinion on this

      by Simply Shuvam ·

      In reply to Getting a job in IT

      In the IT field, both degrees and certifications hold value, but they serve different purposes. An Associate Degree demonstrates that you’ve had comprehensive exposure to the field. Certifications like Network+, A+, Sec+, Cloud+ etc., on the other hand, indicate specialized expertise in specific areas of IT.

      While an AS degree can definitely help you land a job, the IT industry places a high value on certifications. They often serve as proof of your technical skills and knowledge, and can significantly boost your employability.

      My suggestion is to consider the job roles you’re interested in, look at their requirements, and use that as a guide. For example, if you’re looking into Network Security, a certification like Sec+ would be valuable. Your internship will also give you practical experience, which is highly regarded by employers.

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