Getting A Static Ip On Wireless?

By Elitepro ·
hey before i start explaining im not great with the tech world completely so don't get mad at me for asking many questions. k here we go i run a multi-Gaming clan and i wanna host some clan servers on games like fear combat and ccs but when i go to host the ip shown is my gateway not my static ip. i do use a wireless trend net 432brp router can anyone please help me?

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What are you trying to achieve

by ldg In reply to Getting A Static Ip On Wi ...

Your gateway is the route that any device on your network would go to if it could not find what it was looking for on your local network. Are you trying to setup these servers so that you are using them on the same network that the players are on or are you trying to set them up so that they are available to the outside world?

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are you LAN (all connected to same router) gaming?

by Snuffy09 In reply to Getting A Static Ip On Wi ...

or are you trying to game over the internt?

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