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Getting a telephone to ring from HTML

By Save your breath ·
I have been asked by a client to implement an ordering system for his fast food shop. The problem is, he doesn't want a continuous internet connection, but he still wants to know when an order has been submitted. I was thinking SMS, but have no ideawhere to go to get a grasp on how you would submit the form's content so it ended up on a mobile. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.
Alex Page.

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Fun project!

by epepke In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

You could get a voice-capable modem (old and cheap), use a speech synthesizer to assemble the order, and have it dial up a phone at the client's site. Or just some modem to do the dial-up, wire a sound card to a hacked telephone with a pad and an isolation transformer, or even do a software-only solution if you have the right kind of internal modem.

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Check with the ISP

by Bocky In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Don't know if you've already done it, but check with your ISP - a lot of them provide Web SMS. They should also have techs available that can help you link your pages to their services.

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Interesting Challenge

by rzan In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Many of today's cellular phones are WAP enabled. WAP stands for wireless access protocol, and alows a cell phone to browse the web and access your POP3 email account. What you would need to do is design a WAP based module to run on your webserver that will allow the WAP device to interface into your webserver. I am not a programmer so I cannot give you specifics, but this is how it would be done. Another way is to build a website that would generate an SMTP email (through an SMTP gateway) message and send it as a text message to the mobile phone.

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Here's a cheap, effective hack...

by admin In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Get Communicate! or other communication software (HotFax?) that sends e-mail to a text pager. Now, in your website, when the order is submitted, have it e-mail the order to the number of the modem in the box you have Communicate! running on.

Voila' It will work.


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oh, wait.... no continuous connection...

by admin In reply to Here's a cheap, effective ...

I didn't remember that the first time.....

OK, instead of software at your site, subscribe to a service such as Arch:


(there are many others)

And forward all your e-mail to their service and Voila' you'll recive it on your pager.


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just send email to the cell phone/pager

by Jay Eckles In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

User enters order on web page order form and hits submit.

Processing program on server side (CGI, servlet, whatever) uses SMTP to send an email to a predefined address.

If that address is for a cellphone or pager, the text message will be sentto the device. For example, to send a text message to my cellphone, you send an email to xxxxxxxxxx@mycingular.textmsg.com, where xxxxxxxxxx is my cell phone number. There's really no trick to it.

Let me know if you'd like assistance in developing this program.

Jay Eckles

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