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Getting a telephone to ring from HTML

By Save your breath ·
I have been asked by a client to implement an ordering system for his fast food shop. The problem is, he doesn't want a continuous internet connection, but he still wants to know when an order has been submitted. I was thinking SMS, but have no ideawhere to go to get a grasp on how you would submit the form's content so it ended up on a mobile. Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.
Alex Page.

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Fun project!

by epepke In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

You could get a voice-capable modem (old and cheap), use a speech synthesizer to assemble the order, and have it dial up a phone at the client's site. Or just some modem to do the dial-up, wire a sound card to a hacked telephone with a pad and an isolation transformer, or even do a software-only solution if you have the right kind of internal modem.

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Check with the ISP

by Bocky In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Don't know if you've already done it, but check with your ISP - a lot of them provide Web SMS. They should also have techs available that can help you link your pages to their services.

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Interesting Challenge

by rzan In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Many of today's cellular phones are WAP enabled. WAP stands for wireless access protocol, and alows a cell phone to browse the web and access your POP3 email account. What you would need to do is design a WAP based module to run on your webserver that will allow the WAP device to interface into your webserver. I am not a programmer so I cannot give you specifics, but this is how it would be done. Another way is to build a website that would generate an SMTP email (through an SMTP gateway) message and send it as a text message to the mobile phone.

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Here's a cheap, effective hack...

by admin In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

Get Communicate! or other communication software (HotFax?) that sends e-mail to a text pager. Now, in your website, when the order is submitted, have it e-mail the order to the number of the modem in the box you have Communicate! running on.

Voila' It will work.


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oh, wait.... no continuous connection...

by admin In reply to Here's a cheap, effective ...

I didn't remember that the first time.....

OK, instead of software at your site, subscribe to a service such as Arch:

(there are many others)

And forward all your e-mail to their service and Voila' you'll recive it on your pager.


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just send email to the cell phone/pager

by Jay Eckles In reply to Getting a telephone to ri ...

User enters order on web page order form and hits submit.

Processing program on server side (CGI, servlet, whatever) uses SMTP to send an email to a predefined address.

If that address is for a cellphone or pager, the text message will be sentto the device. For example, to send a text message to my cellphone, you send an email to, where xxxxxxxxxx is my cell phone number. There's really no trick to it.

Let me know if you'd like assistance in developing this program.

Jay Eckles

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