getting a true copy ofOS and utilities installed in hard drive

By sraghu1329 ·
hi guys

i have installed xp in C DIVE. I have also updated with sp 3 and other things. now i want to have an exact copy of the entire things so as to enable me to reinstall them in one go in future. can i be guided. thanks in advance
(in a bootable manner)


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Acronis True image

by ken In reply to getting a true copy ofOS ...

This is a great program that will also add to your image so that you can restore from the last backup. Acronis.com
You can buy it from my web site if you wish

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Any Cloning Utility will work here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to getting a true copy ofOS ...

While Acronis True Image


and Ghost are the more commonly used commercial applications


There are others that are available including a Host of free ones like those available here


You can use any of these to make either another Boot Drive or an Image of a Boot Drive.


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But be careful...

by r_widell In reply to Any Cloning Utility will ...

Many (certainly not all) of these cloning utilities use the term "drive" in the same manner as Dos/Windows, i.e. it clones a partition on the drive which is formatted with a file system and may not necessarily duplicate all of the information to fully recreate a bootable system on a new hard disk.

Read the docs carefully!

Some of them will backup and restore the MBR, others won't. While the System Repair Console (on your WinXP install CD) can mitigate the lack of a restored MBR, it's usually best to get at least a copy of the MBR for any disk you want to clone as part of the cloning process.


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A word of caution ...

by ian3880 In reply to Any Cloning Utility will ...

I'm no great fan of Symantec's products. Specifically, Ghost 10, which trashed my laptop into unusability. Fortunately I had a total disk image made by the program on which Symantec Ghost was based. Symantec bought two bullet-proof products that NEVER gave me any grief (PowerQuest's Drive Image and a DOS based program called Ghost) and tried to amalgamate them into one product.

I still have, and use, Drive Image, and am trialling a very good equivalent - O&O Disk Image [http://www.oo-software.com/home/en/]

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