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getting and sirC32.exe error

By cgalvez ·
Since yesterday two of the users started getting an sirC32.exe everytime they try to open and application up, what could be the cause of this? Thanks

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Sounds and looks like the Sir Cam Virus

by 4U21DER In reply to getting and sirC32.exe er ...

This sounds like the Sir Cam Virus. You need to either install a AntiVirus Product or ou need to update your current antivirus software.

Here is more detailed info:

If you search this page you will find reference to the sirc32.exe file.

You may want to clean this up ASAP as this virus does have a destructive payload!

Good Luck!

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How to clean

by Armour In reply to getting and sirC32.exe er ...

There are a few steps you will need to get rid of the Viris first open the dos prompt and you will need to go to c:\windows
then type rename regedit.exe this will allow you to open the registry
Now the registery is a delicate part of the system and can cause great damage to your operating system and need care to only remove whats needed
go to start,run and type regedit

go to hkey_class_root (this is the same for all ms os)exefile\shell\open
command double click on default and remove all but the
"%1" %*
Then go to hkey_local_machine,software and scroll dow till you find the Sircam highlight it and delet it.

and delet the key Driver32=%System%\scam32.exe

Close the regedit and now you can update and run antiviris software
This viris come in the e-mail system and will have an attachment something like doucumentname.doc.pif the two three letter extention (double extention)is a sign that it as a virs of sorts and should not be opened

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