Getting around employer website block while on VPN and using RDP

By ewest305 ·
When I work from home, I use a VPN connection and then launch an Remote Desktop. My employer blocks certain webpages. Even when I minimize the RDP client, the block persists on my home laptop. Without lecturing on the merits of blocking websites (completely agree on them, btw), is there a way I can stay connected through the VPN/RDP but use my home networks policy to browse the internet? Appreciate any assistance. Thank you

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You would have to ask the system administrator for additional access,

or close the RDP session and use your own internet connection.
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Reponse To Answer

by ewest305 In reply to You would have to ask the ...

Thanks for your reply. I am not asking for assistance with anything illegal. When I work from home, I have to log off the VPN (after logging off the RDP session) to gain access to sites I need.

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Reponse To Answer

by a.portman In reply to You would have to ask the ...

Asked and answered. Log off the VPN, surf. Log on the VPN work.

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Most VPNs enforce a single tunnel

by robo_dev In reply to Getting around employer w ...

To vary from that would require a 'split tunnel' which is a huge security hole for the VPN connection (as it can allow a back-channel connection via malware or worse).

The short answer is no, you cannot do that.

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The question is are these websites

by Charles Bundy In reply to Getting around employer w ...

relevant to your work? If so why can't you ask your friendly network admin to allow access?

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Keep it simple

by Pawandev In reply to Getting around employer w ...

When you are on VPN your are virtually on your employers network and If there is a Web proxy, which is set to block certain websites, the policies will apply to you as well. If you disconnect from VPN, you should be able to browse those websites. No System admin would take a risk to bend the policy for users convinience, atleast not me.

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Another computer

by Pete6677 In reply to Getting around employer w ...

Do you have another home computer?

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