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Getting back into the industry

By moore.w211967 ·
Hello, I was looking for some advice for a person who had personal life problems, and created a long gap in their line of events to become a IT professional could do to get back in the industry.

After a very successful track record in college, 3.98 in Networking, preforming volunteer work, and working very hard to get my degree I had a large mass of personal issues culminate after graduating, that led me to not having work experience, and take a few years away from working, and being active in the I.T field.

With having a large sum of debt, an my drive returning to want to get back into the industry there are obvious gaps in my resume, with a lack of experience, that make it very difficult to find employment. I have considered looking into some certifications to augment my out-dated resume, and find new knowledge to arm myself. But I wondered which would be most helpful, what would help me break out into the IT industry, and if anyone has any personal experience in recovering with such issues.

Any advice is welcome, Thanks in advance.

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You should seek structured training and make sure your job can't be emailed

by jeb1527511356 In reply to Getting back into the ind ...

Some context required: After a 35-year spell in client-server I decided to break into web. This was an ego trip but I did need the money, just not as much as you.

Choose a field based on your local economy. Call a few recruiters and ask their advice. Most will be sympathetic. The field has to suit you too, of course. Are you a geeky infrastructure type with no desire to interact with users or a front-end type who enjoys the challenges of contact with "normal people"?

Look at the job adverts. What skills are they listing for senior people? You need to master some of them and be able to discuss the others. That's in addition to your certs.

Prefer a fully commercial platform. Employers still prefer them and, vitally, they are well supported with tutorials that work, documentation that is up-to-date, and certifications that are sound. I chose Drupal, a fully open-source web platform that is a documentation nightmare. I spent two years building websites for charities. I got to be a resourceful jack-of-all trades (CSS and writing modules) but a master of none. I landed a job but was fired because resourceful is no substitute for speed.

The commercial platforms are generally well-documented but one is a standout.

Microsoft has the best documentation, tutorials and certs, and no I'm not a shill, it's a verifiable fact. As just one example, you will see that where features vary across versions this is clearly documented and in large part well-written. Their corporate customers drive the quality.

Familiarise yourself with the generic support websites. Again, one is a standout:

Are you able to drive yourself on your own through months or years of uncreative effort? Probably best to seek out fellow travellers. See and your local community college. There are many with your aspirations.

Be sure that the work you aspire to is not going to get outsourced to the back of beyond so landing you back at square one. Teaching IT at school would be a reasonably secure job. You could do exciting hobby projects in the vacations. IT can be an exciting and rewarding career but is definitely not a job for life.

Be prepared to be bossed around by younger men who know a lot more than you do but don't have much life experience. It's more testing than you might think.

Good luck!

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Congrats on getting back into the IT field

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Getting back into the ind ...

Here are just a few tips of advice from me:

1: Refresh your skills by either pursuing cutting-edge training or certifications
2: Consider doing volunteer work or just working part-time to gain experience
3: If you don't have a bachelor's degree - consider going back to school
4: Join related online social groups, participate in forums related to the field you wish to re-enter
5: For any certifications you currently own - you need to update them
6: Don't give up

Hope this helps some

- Tammy mug

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I agree with Tammy

by ecote In reply to Congrats on getting back ...

Knowledge in IT is critical...and changes almost overnight. It's imperative that you have current skills to implement immediately. Get a current skill cert and it's a key to a job.
Join a temp agency. They usually have better access to the job market. You can start low & slow and take short term contracts to build endurance and understand what employers want,
I'd want a cert in one of the four major IT fields; Mobility, networking, security and data management. My preference tends to security. C levels now understand it's not a cost as much as a need in doing business.
Network with people in the field, get them to help you find and assert your skills. Join LinkedIn.
Keep faith in yourself. You've already overcome something significant. You can do it again.
Once you're in the job, give importance to your relationship with your supervisor. I have found your direct boss has the most impact on your business life (and since work/life balance is in flux, this means your total life).

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