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    Getting back to BA/SA/PM role after 10 year break??? HELP

    by mrdreamy72 ·


    Hi all. I had 20 years in the IT industry. Last 5 years as either a PM or a BA who did basically all the SDLC functions including the PM work.

    Ive worked in Telco/IP and transitioned to software.

    Im not a coder, just don’t have the concentration for how intense big lengths of code can be to work with. Strangely I taught myself to Code at age 6yo on a Sega 3000 with the Tape Drive. BASIC language. I read other peoples code via a cassette/magazine for games and taught myself in reverse. My games were quite simple but one did get published haha.

    Anyway my parent passed away and that took a year out of my life, then I decided I wanted to take some time out and travel while i was young. I lived with my GF in germany with her parents, great spot to get to other coutnries etc. After 3 years I came home, I got a 3 months contract, they wanted me to go permanent but they had a 24yo who did a CBAP course and was her first BA job and thought she knew it all and was a right social bully at work, behind peoples backs, not to your face. So I said NO to permanent, I then travelled a bit more. Then my Mum got lung disease. The emotional stress must have affected me as I developed an auto immune disease and border line MS. So 10 years goes by very quick.

    But now Im fighting fit again. Ive got a BCS BA Foundations Cert and their Prince 2 Cert.

    Technology wise I find I can understand any technology quickly and I have never specialised as every contract wants something different, so I learn quick on the job, but my role is either to manage the project or to deliver system requirements and wire framing (I used Balsamiq a lot) to deliver systems that people can work with rather than systems that end up needing a lot of process modelling so end users have to work around a system, a pet peave of mine, especially shrink wrapped software.

    Anyway, how do I get back to my BA job and how do I explain such a big Gap in my work career. I essentially took an early sabatical retirement and had 2 parents dying on me which caused my own health issues.

    Much appreciated advice.

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