Getting best quality videos on Nokia N96

By bobix86 ·
Hi i've been using N96 for all sorts of stuff,recently began converting music videos i recorded via a DVB-S card,altough i managed to get a preety decent quality using both open video converter(only one i found able to convert tricky dvb mpeg-2 codec) and emicsoft video converter (used to convert for viewing on N96),i was wondering if there was something more i can do to improve video quality of converted videos without comromising playback.Settings i used:
-encoder MPEG4;
-resolution 320x240;
-framerate 29.97fps;
-video bitrate 640kbps;

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RE: ,i was wondering if there was something more i can do to improve video

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Getting best quality vide ...

Not really the problem here is the Processing Unit involved the amount of space available and the display resolutions.

Phones are not computers they where never designed to do the job of a computer and displaying large Video Files is one of those jobs. They can not work with large files in a usable form so they Destructively Compress Video. This means that quality is lost and to make the playback half way decent they remove a lot of information so that the Processing Unit inside the phone can actually process the information in a timely manner on the small screen provided.


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RE: OH Smeg

by bobix86 In reply to RE: ,i was wondering if t ...

I'm aware of that,but back when i bought N96 i had some original videos demonstrating phones functions and a top speed video all in high quality(at least considerably higher than the vids i converted).Due to my brother breaking my charger i had to charge it with his Xpress Music car charger and my software broke down(warning for all).I lost the vids and didnt analyze them to see if they might hold the key to improving quality.And now i realized i need to try finding and downloading those vids if i can find them.Tnx for the help tough.

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