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    Getting bootable Windows system back on drive C


    by taryn ·

    Original situation:
    IE 7 update crashed PC into endless reboot.

    Couldn’t get into Safe Mode, so checked Bios, recovery, chkdsk, sysboot, bootfix etc. It said it was all fine. I only have the XP Pro sp 1 Install CD, not sp 2, so when I tried to repair,it didn’t work, and when tried to reinstall, it MOVED my entire file system onto my 2nd drive, D, and put Windows on C! My previous installation, which was upgraded to SP2, and wouldn’t boot, is now a “page file”. There is very little I can do now but get online. Nothing will download, not on any site.

    How can I get everything on D, back on c?? Try Re-installing with the WinXP sp 1 disk again and go into Repair “D”? I can move the files on D, I have most everything backed up, but I can’t open any program on D, where my OS still sits, unusable. Can’t use System Restore because my PC thinks it’s new now on C, and thinks there is no restore points. I have looked at restore files on D, but hesitant to try manual fix that way in this condition. Should I try copying the 3 files boot.ini, NTLDR and netdetect? I found THREE NTLDR files on D! (2 were service pack upgrades). When I tried Repair before it “couldn’t find” my NFLDR file.

    PC: Windows XP Pro SP2 (on D, SP 1 on C now) No computer maker but myself and an online place I get the barebones.
    AMD 64 X 2, dual-core 4400 2.2 ghz, 2gb ram, nvidia 8800GT vid card, 3 hard drives, one external backup, 2 installed, c master, d slave, no floppy drive, 2 DVD-RW drives. ASUS mobo A8 SLI.

    Any suggestions? I’ve never had a problem before with updates.

    Ps. Did viral, malware and spyware scans before this happened and they were clear. Always do regular sys maintanence. Have AVG, Spybot, and Ad-Aware, use firewall.


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      by taryn ·

      In reply to Getting bootable Windows system back on drive C


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      Couple of thoughts

      by robo_dev ·

      In reply to Getting bootable Windows system back on drive C

      To clarify one issue: it sounds like Windows installer switched the drive letters on you, it does not move any data, AFAIK.

      At this point I would physically disconnect the secondary drive and attempt to fix the Windows install on the primary drive.

      Make 100% sure that you’ve got the latest Bios and make sure drive settings are correct, such as SATA1 versus SATA2 settings.

      Sometimes it helps to boot with an alternate OS such as a BART PE CD so you can make sure you’ve got the data off the HD, then you can reformat/reinstall with confidence.

      Also, putting each drive into a USB external drive case can allow it to be read on a working PC.

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      You didn’t mention the type of HDD that you have installed

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Getting bootable Windows system back on drive C

      If the previous C Drive was a SATA Drive and the current C is a IDE then Windows has setup the system correctly as it should with the IDE Drive being the Default Boot Drive. As Windows XP doesn’t natively support SATA Drives you need to add the SATA Drivers by pressing the [b]F 6 Key[/b] when the first Blue Screen appears on the Windows Installer. Wait till prompted and insert a floppy with the SATA Driver copied to it’s root in the A Drive and press enter. When you get to the stage of choosing where to install Windows you will now see the 2 Internal Drives as possible places to load the OS. Also remove the external Drive while you install Windows as you don’t need problems caused by the installer deleting the Partitions on the external Drive or limiting it to 127 GIG which is all XP SP1 supports.

      If you wish to install XP with SP2 and SATA Drivers you can either follow the directions here and while it tells you how to add SP2 and Hot Patches and nothing about SATA Drivers the SATA Driver is added exactly the same way as a Hot Patch.


      Same thing one is just readable on line where the other can be downloaded as a PDF File.

      Or you can use nLite to make your SP2 or 3 Slipstreamed Install Disc with the SATA Driver. Just remember to read the On Line Instructions on how this application works.


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        Thanks, but just got it back to normal

        by taryn ·

        In reply to You didn’t mention the type of HDD that you have installed

        I cannot believe how it was restored.
        Yes, the SATA is my main drive, but I didn’t need anything added for it.
        I went back into bios, removed the floppy disk drive it listed I had, but don’t have, checked the boot sequence, disabling the floppy and making sure my DVD drive was listed first, the hard drives 2nd.
        I entered windows on C in safe mode (it let me now) in DOS. It asked for a Mass Storage Device Driver. I gave it my ASUS mobo disk and located it for it. It installed it. I rebooted, and was (voila!) back to normal! My old “C” drive being where it should be instead of it being a “page file on D”.
        Still don’t know why this worked, but thrilled to have my ststem back to normal!!
        Thanks for all suggestions!

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          At a guess I would say that the

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to Thanks, but just got it back to normal

          Mass Storage Device was your SATA Drive and it needed to install the SATA Driver.


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          by taryn ·

          In reply to At a guess I would say that the

          Well, I gave it what it wanted from my motherboard ASUS disk. I was wondering what a “Mass Storage Device” was.
          Believe it or not, I fix PC’s for my family and friends (and myself). As ignorant as I am, I have discovered that if I keep trying different things, I will work it out, and get it going again. I have a lot of patience and determination. :^)
          Wierd that an IE update would cause a booting problem, which would lead to me needing to reload the driver.

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          You keep going Taryn ;)

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to SATA

          that is exactly how a lot of us managed to get into IT. Really pleased to hear that you have caught the Bug. 😉

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