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    getting CORRECT instructions to manage devices


    by sebastian42 ·


    I want to clear obsolete devices out of my Google account, but the instructions for accessing ‘Manage Devices’ work in neither my desktop nor on my phone.

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      Just removed a device.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to getting CORRECT instructions to manage devices

      I went to and clicking on “More details” then signed out of a device. That device no longer shows.

      Remember that this is a world wide forum. Google here may not work the same there and may differ over which browser you use.

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        Managing devices

        by sebastian42 ·

        In reply to Just removed a device.

        Worked like a charm – thank you so much.

        I posted twice because first time I got a ‘OOOOOOOPS – wrong URL’ response
        so I posted to what I thought was a different part of TechRepublic, but I got that
        same response again ! One or both of my posts must have to their destination.

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