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Getting Data off a HDD from a WinXP PC

By twincitian ·

I had Win XP Pro on a PC. I had a number of users set up to use the PC. My user account was the only one that required a password to get into Win XP.
The PC died so I removed the HDD and installed it in another PC as a slave drive. The new PC can see the whole HDD and I can get at all the data except that data which is under my user account. When I try to get at the data it says access is denied.

I know my password to get at the data, but no where does the new PC(running Win XP Home) give me a chance to enter that password.

Anybody have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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by willcomp In reply to Getting Data off a HDD fr ...

You probably need to take ownership of the folder. See link below for instructions on how to do so.


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by apotheon In reply to Getting Data off a HDD fr ...

I'm assuming that your data is on an NTFS partition.

An option, if you're at all comfortable with Linux, is to fire up MEPIS Linux -- get it at -- and use that to read data from that drive. You can then copy it elsewhere.

word of warning: Some of the tools for writing to NTFS partitions under Linux can be a little "dangerous". Specifically, they can screw up the partition. I recommend using Linux to read from that NTFS partition, and write to a FAT32 partition. You can then reboot the computer into Windows XP, and use that to copy the files from the FAT32 partition onto the NTFS partition on which you want the files to ultimately reside.

caveat: FAT32 partitions cannot store files of a size greater than 2GB. If you have any files larger than 2GB that you want to save, you won't be able to directly copy them onto the FAT32 partition as described above.

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