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Getting developers into the grove of the next new thing...

By GaltSalt ·
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.Net Devlopment Environment!

by GaltSalt In reply to Getting developers into t ...

HR better make sure the worker bees are happy. <br />
I can help relay information to HR about issues the developers have, but basically that not my problem. <br />
<br />
Environment to me is: <br />
<li>Do we have <strong>enough platforms</strong>? Think about personal, development, system integration, UAT and Production systems! </li>
<li>Can we <strong>recover *all* systems from an image</strong>? (If you've been working with Visual Studio .Net for any time you'd love this)</li>
<li>Do we have <strong>the right tools</strong> to help? User Control suites, and utility programs like CodeSmith do help.</li>
<li> Are all developers in the same room? This is a biggie. We have a
separated environment to turn around and ask questions and point
fingers. Yes point! Don't beat around the bush, but you don't have to
be a bully to do this. I am the object of comic relief for my team, not
because I'm funny, but because I can take it as much as I give it.
Development is not for the squeamish. It's talking. It's being able to
convince someone of the right way to do something. It's being able to
see that someone else's way is better. It's balance.<strong> It's in your face.</strong> Having developers across the country working on Messenger is not the right way.</li>
<li>Do you have <strong>good code examples</strong>? The proof is in
the pudding. You must add three weeks to your project time if you are
entertaining a new technology for your project. It will take you that
long to make up sound (debugged) examples to use. Don't take it
lightly! These examples will become <strong>the templates for all future development</strong>. They will be ripped apart by the developers.</li>
<li>Do you have <strong>documentation</strong>? ung...I didn't say
that did I? Write something down in stone? Yup... Add 1 week to your
project just to create your vision and goal in stone in this new
technology. Don't deviate from it. Publish it. It's your CYA plan too
(didn't you know that?!?!?). This will comprise data design docs,
functional requirements, method signatures, and the like. All should be
based on business rules, data definition tables, and use case
statements from the business.</li>
This is a start. You'll have to fine tune to your world. I'll write
more on this as I get the chance, but I will move on to other areas now.<br />
<br />
Robert.<br />

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.Net Devlopment Environment!

by vishwajit In reply to .Net Devlopment Environme ...

<p>Hi Robert, </p>
<p>The title of this article is misleading I would have easily skipped read this fine piece.</p>
<p>I would like to add to this - Are you utilising my services to my fullest potential ? Are u receiptive to whats happening around have to listen to what i do after work ...what my hobbies / interests . without which i guess would be a simple robot programmed to program over voice instructions and OCRing SRS documents. Allocate work in primary area of interest for most of time of the year and you will get creative solution - you call it innovation in company lingo. don't put innovation as mere highligter in corporate website - Dare to risk it.</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Anyways its Cool!</p>
<p>Vishwajit Girdhari</p>
<p> </p>

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