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    Getting guaranteed Internet Access 24/7

    by jamie1609954496 ·


    In an environment where multiple people in the same household are competing for Internet access there is a trick whereby they can all get internet access simultaneously, I learnt this while working for IBM last century. Simply lock your IP on the local network. Do this by typing “ipconfig /all”2 into a cmd prompt. Go through the result looking for IPv4 address. That will do nicely. Now set your local IP to that address with a subnet mask of in network & adapter settings IPv4 address and that is all. Very simple. Get everyone you want to share with to do the same thing.
    There is only a few Internet providers including Vodafone who will not let you do this but that is only a reason for not using Vodafone.

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      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Getting guaranteed Internet Access 24/7

      This doesn’t work here because of IPv6 and well, other reasons. This sounds like a fix for a broken ISP or router from about a decade ago.

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      Re: trick

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Getting guaranteed Internet Access 24/7

      What machine from IBM accepted the command ipconfig /all in the last century?

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      by danielbora ·

      In reply to Getting guaranteed Internet Access 24/7

      will it really Work?

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        Re: will it work

        by kees_b ·

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        Good question. And easy to try out for anybody having a home network with 2 PC’s or laptops.

        I won’t try it. My router does a very nice job (called DHCP) to allow multiple devices using the Internet at the same time, both wired and wireless. So I have not a single reason to try this trick.
        But it might work for people who only have a modem, not a router.

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