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    Getting Hands on Experience for win 2k


    by mndthegap1 ·

    Im starting the process of the Win 2k certs. I am unable to attend instructor led classes and my company refuses to implement win 2k server they will only run nt4.0 so i cant practice at work. My question is what are the best programs to gain the hands on experience you need ?? are there any virtual labs simulating the network envirnment and go through daily tasks and troubleshooting ? I mean you can read a book 100x and it really doesnt help to much unless you get the hands on, so where or howcan i get it without spending thousands of dollors? I can set something up at home, BUT again its hard to gain the troubleshooting experience and problem solving when you create problems but know exactly what you did to screw it up? HELP because i really want to gain the hands on and stuck for ideas ?

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