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Getting into first job!

By Craig J. ·
Hi, like a couple of others here, I am trying to get into the computer field with no luck what so ever. I had completed a 14 month Network Administration course and have had no luck finding even an entry level position. After 4 years, I have not even been able to get the most basic of entry level positions. I am at wits end as to how I can get "that first job" so I can move on. I would very much appreciate hearing what I can do to finally land a job in the IT/Network Administration field. Thanks for all the help that you guys could pass along.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Getting into first job!

What resources are you using to find work?

Newspapers? 2% success rate.
Online Postings (monster et al.)? VERY poor.
Recruiters? Again poor unless highly qualified and experienced.

Stat phoning EVERYONE in your area that MIGHT have a computer network of any size, 4 PC's +.
prepare an introductory speech, find out who the owner is, call until you can speak with him./her directly. Give them your intro pitch (always best to have it written out, like a telemarketer, there's a reason Telemarketing is successful, it beats the numbers game).

@0 calls should get you 2 or 3 interviews. 5 interviews shuold get you a job. Work FULL TIME on this, set hours and lunch breaks, coffee breaks etc. Finding work IS work, 9-5 and MANY cold calls. I have never seen someone fail this way. Just getting your foot into BOB's dryvleaning service with three computers will then open doors to his associates, you may pick up some side work and progress from there. Either waqy, you get experience and can look for better work while saying that you currently administer a network but are looking for greater challenge. You won't find big IT bucks but that comes with time, if at all, there's not a lot of money in IT anymore.

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by montigue In reply to Getting into first job!

Department of Defense has a huge requirement for IT professionals. However, some of those positions require a security clearance. If you can obtain a clearance, you will easily find a job.

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by Kareem In reply to Getting into first job!

But in order to get a security clearance you must first have a job in the first place. Its a catch-22!

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by birnix In reply to Getting into first job!

Im an Indian, working in Kuwait as Secretary/Administration Assistant since January 1994. In January 2001, I became Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). I like to be in the IT field. I heard that there are a lot of vacancies in DEpartment of Defence, can anyone guide me, pls.


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