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getting into project management - too early?

By sajjad_er ·
I need some advice on next my career move - I have business and computer science degree from university (graduated in 2005) and been working as a team lead / business analyst for an unix support team for last two years and been involved in a customer satisfaction improvement project (not a manager but worked under a PM). Right now, I want to make a move to PM. I am planning to take a masters certificate course on project management from a local university.

Q1. Do you think it is too early for me to make the move and rather do something else for the time being..(leave the course for later and hoping to get the employer pay for it) ?

Q2. Is the course going to help me land a PM job?

Please provide your advice/ suggestions. Thanks.

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Some good questions

by Tig2 In reply to getting into project mana ...

Unfortunately, I think that the answer to the first is one only you can say. You are the one best positioned to know if you have "seasoned" enough to make the move to a full PM.

Your second question's answer is a solid "Probably". A Masters in Project Management will not hurt you. You also should do a couple of things.

First- talk to your current PM. It may be that there is a team in need of a junior PM. That role will help you to see if project management is really where your heart is.

Second- go to and see if there is a local affiliate to you. Start attending meetings and talk to the PMs that attend.

Third- find someone willing to mentor you. That person may be someone where you currently work or someone you meet through the PMI. But this is an important step, don't ignore it.

I have been in project management for a long time. When I first started, I loved what I did for a living every day. In the last 10 years, I have found that I need something different in my life. Don't be surprised if you find that happens as well.

Life is a journey. We don't get a map most of the time. But we DO get to enjoy every step of the way.

Good luck!

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Great advice - what next?

by sajjad_er In reply to Some good questions

Thanks for the great advice.. this is what I have decided to do:

1) become a PMI member and start joining conferences
2) take the masters in PM course
3) take the CAPM afterwards and eventually PMP in three years or so.

I totally agree with what you said about enjoying every step of your career. My next question would probably be... where do you go if you decide to give up PM after 10 years? can a CIO / CEO / IT Manager be an option? do companies hire top managers from PM backgrounds?

best regards.

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