Getting kicked off internet when I open a program

By waseem.e ·
Hi all,

I'm a new member, I appreciate any help I can get! I'm currently in the caribbean, and this is my problem. Each time I open my pokerchamps software to play some online poker, it allows me to sign in, and then my connection quickly goes from full to non-existent and I am kicked off of the internet. We are running a wireless router as well. Anyhow, I have to completely disconnect the power supply to get the internet to work again. Anything I can do/check to get this problem resolved?? Thanks!

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On line Gaming Sites are Notorious for Spy Ware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Getting kicked off intern ...

So I would suggest that you install some leading brand Spy Ware Scanners and scan for Spy Ware in Safe Mode so you can actually remove any infections that you have picked up and keep your system clean by rescanning the unit after every time you log onto one of these places as you can quite easily loose control of your Bank Accounts or any related Internet Banking that you do through the infection of Key Loggers and Tracking Cookies.

You can try these Spy Ware Products but both need to be regularly updated and by regularly I do mean something like at least once a week.

Ad Aware SE

Spy Bot S&amp

Crap Cleaner

You can download then install all of these and update as required as well as rebooting as required and then when you have these fully installed reboot into Safe Mode and run the scans. If you don't know how to get into Safe Mode press the F8 key before the Windows Splash Screen appears and select SAFE MODE.

Please Note that Spy Bot S&amp can pick up some programs that act like Spyware so if you are using some of the positives that it picks up make sure to remove them from the list before applying a fix or you will disable the software. Things that typically are picked up include Internet Banking Software, Windows Defender and some other free to download software like My Web Search which you get included with some other software that you may want and are unable to disable it and keep the software that you want running.


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Not the problem.

by waseem.e In reply to On line Gaming Sites are ...

Thanks for taking the time to respond... its just that specific program, and only at home. At work the program connects fine. But at home, it just will kick me off the internet when I open it. That program alone...

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The Gaming Sites still are notorious for Spy Ware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not the problem.

And should always be treated as dangerous but if you don't care about loosing control of your bank account details then you could try:-

Looking at the router as the site that you are trying to access may be BLACKLISTED in the Routers Setup.


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