Getting locked out of email

By skatzen ·
We have two domains where I work, one with an Exchange Server that many people on the other domain use for their email. Group policy on the domain with the exchange server requires users to change passwords ever 90 days, but for other who never authenticate to the domain other than through Outlook for email have the "Password Never Expires" checkbox checked on their account.
The issue is that three users are consistantly getting locked out of their email and I need to unlock them and change their password. Once I do that I may get a call again once, twice, or more that day, or again the following day. It is not everyone, just a few people. Anyone else ever have this issue?
Exchange 2003 Enterprise Server
Windows 2003 Advanced Server
Outlook 2003 on XP Professional SP2.

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Check the Default Domain Policy

by IC-IT In reply to Getting locked out of ema ...

on failed logon attempts. That group of users may have trouble entering their passwords and the policy will lock them out after x number of failed attempts.

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Not user error

by skatzen In reply to Check the Default Domain ...

Despite how it may appear, I've watched them logging in. While I can't be 100% certain they are typing their password correctly, it appears that they are entering the correct username, and I assume, password. The prompt to log in just pops right back up. Outlook switches to "Work Offline", and I get on and check it off and than attempt to log on as the user. Often, however, that will work. Could it be that the "Password Never Expires" is being overridden by the Default Password Policy? I thought that checkbox overrides the password policy.

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Unless Inheritance is Blocked

by IC-IT In reply to Not user error

The Default Domain Policy will override the check box.

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Inheritance on account settings does not exist.

by skatzen In reply to Unless Inheritance is Blo ...

The accounts don't have a way to block inheritance themselves, and I'm only using the checkbox found under the properties. Do I need to create a group policy for these users instead of just checking the "Password Does Not Expire" box? Also, can you think of any reason why would this only affect three people out of about 24?

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It is difficult to exempt Users

by IC-IT In reply to Inheritance on account se ...

from the password policy. Usually the main way is to have their computers in an OU and block inheritance on that OU.
So in effect the only way is to set up there systems in a seperate OU and Block it. Otherwise all users that authenticate will have the same password policies. The question then becomes, why is the default domain policy not applying to the 21 users?

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