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Getting MS Project to format output

By lgreen ·
There are two things I have always wanted to do in MS Project and was never able:
(1) Save the 'look' of a GANTT chart. Note not a view. I'd like to be able to save a GANTT chart exactly as it looks on screen - some items summarised, some not etc. Views dont allow that.

(2) I've never been able to print the name of a filter, for eg. filtered for tasks using resource 'tom'. You are only able to print Filtered for task using resource, and no resource name gets printed.

Any suggestions?

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Getting MS Project to format output

by jevans In reply to Getting MS Project to for ...

I can't help you with #1. As for #2, what I do if I cannot get the report exactly the way I want it, I save the project to MS Access and write my own reports in Access. I had this exact problem with this exact report and I went to all the people I know who are MS Project experts and they told me to give it up.

That's when I took the Access route. It takes some time to figure out what is in all the tables and how they relate to one another, but once I figured it out, it was easy to write the reports.

Good Luck

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Getting MS Project to format output

by ainsworj In reply to Getting MS Project to for ...

(1) I save my GANTT charts as a PDF file using ADOBE. This allows me to save them in exactly the format I want.

(2) Try using a macro to to run a filter that prompts for the resource name. Make sure to assign the filter in the header of your report.

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Getting MS Project to format output

by lgreen In reply to Getting MS Project to for ...

Hate to answer my own question but I have found a solution:
charts are made up of levels (summary,detail) ,views (calendar GANTT etc.) filter, sort order etc.

It is possible to create your own filters and sorts (Menu:Project-Filter;Project-Sort)which can be saved. When you print your chart and display the sort order or filter in the header or footer, the name of the filter you created will be displayed eg:"John's tasks".

To save a "look" of the GANTT chart,insert the column Flag - this is a yes/no column. For each row of data you want displayed, set to yes - this is necessary since you may want rows from different summary levels.

Then create a new view (menu:view - more views - new)using the sort and filter you saved from before. Save this view - it can then be used as needed.

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