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Getting my feet wet!

By ereis ·
I have always been interested in computers and been playing with them for 5 years. I recently developed a love for network engineering. I have nearly completed my MCSE and set up a home network. No one will hire me because I have no experience. I have a BS in Computer Graphics and have been in Graphic Design for a year and a half. I have interviewed several times with various companies and have been told each time that I don't have enough experience. I do I get that first job, even if it is help desk or entry level?

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Entry Level...

by Bobby Gillette In reply to Getting my feet wet!

is the key. In fact, its better to start at the entry level positions (data entry, help desk, user support) so that when you do finally reach that engineering or analyst position you'll appreciate what the people performing in those capacities do for you and your department. Also, as you gain experience in said positions, always be on the lookout for new opportunities to shine, ie advanced projects to show your higher proficiencies, etc...which always improve your resume.

In short, take that entry level job just to get your foot in the door, in less than 3 years you'll be where you want to be


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wading in

by MIB_ADMIN In reply to Getting my feet wet!

I had to make a career change myself. I had never used a computer until 2 years ago and have almost completed my MCSE. Being rejected for no experience, I started in something different but closely related to computers like Telephony. Look for jobs that will train you. It never hurts to know a little about many things instead of a lot about one thing. Besides, you will meet many people so ask them how they got started. For every road forward there are many avenues off to the side. Good luck.

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