Getting other users' files by accident.

By rfluharty ·
I have manage a network with 10 sites, about 3000 users. Windows 2003 R2 DC at each site. All in one domain. I'm using GP to redirect the "My Documents" folder to servers at the site at which they work. In other words everyone's documents are stored on the DC located at the site they work at; thus, faster than pulling documents across slow WAN link.

I have had a problem where a user logs in and finds documents from other users (along with their own) in their My Documents folders. It doesn't appear to be one specific location or user. It happens very rarely, considering the number of users, but has been brought to my attention several time. We hypothesized that maybe someone never logged out of their computer and another user worked on it. But this doesn't seem to be probable for as many times as we've seen it.

Also, I've disallowed offline files at all my sites. (Most users are kids at school and wouldn't allow folders to synchronize at logoff anyways). But I still see some machines trying to synchronize. IF they once had used offline folders, will they try to synchronize EVERY time until it's successful?


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by Ekline In reply to Getting other users' file ...

That is an interesting case, did you attempt to review the documents properties to verify the Creator/Owner of that document to verify it has another owner?

It's not really possible to see that unless other users have access to anothers folder. This wouldn't warrant a good idea but it might be why you're experiencing these anomolies, someone saved in a folder that didn't belong to them, but they have creator owner rights in subfolders.

It may be considerable to try and enable FS auditing on user folderrs for a short period of time until a complaint arises, so you can stop the auditing and review the logs.

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I have not had the opportunity.

by rfluharty In reply to Hmm..

I have not. Many of these accounts have been reported to me by others, including my computer tech. But I have only seen it once personally. I did not think to check those attributes. It was very early on, so I dismissed it as someone using another person's logged in machine. We are a school system and have just rolled out logins and domain accounts recently. Most of our users were used to having a computer that automatically logged in. They were not used to logging out when they left the computer for the next user.

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helpful things

by john.light In reply to Getting other users' file ...

What does the security settings for your my documents folders look like? How were they set? I have found the best way to set them is by using ICACLS and have the script that creates the user AD account also create and set folder permissions.

Also look at a download from microsoft called CSCCMD.EXE (CSC stands for Client Side Cache aka offline files). I use the command CSCCMD /DISABLE to stop computers from syncing.

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offline files

by NexS In reply to Getting other users' file ...

I see that issue occasionally. The computer will, of its own free will, turn offline files on.

I simply turn it off again.

As for your files issue, perhaps it's a conflict between roaming profiles and local profiles and/or whether the users have been saving files in the 'all users' or 'default user' account.

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