Getting Past Bios/Startup Security

By LSpayd ·
I recently purchased two IBM ThinkPads from a friend who got them from an auctioneer a year or two ago. The laptops were from a buyout at a pharmaceutical company.

THe problem I have is that one I boot up the laptops they display the IBM splash screen and then immediately prompted by a security screen asking me to enter a password.

I thought it may have been som sort of bios password protection. So I pulled the battery pack, disconnected the power and removed the CMOS battery for a few hours. I put everything together and the security prompt is still there.

I am not sure how to get passed this security. My friend said he thought they came with a cd to remove the protection but it has been lost.

I tried putting a UBCD in the drive and booted with it but it does not boot to the cd. The laptop does not have a floopy drive but it does have usb ports.

If anyone has any ideas they would be greatly appreciated. Just remeber I cannot boot to the OS.

Thank You

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Additional info

by LSpayd In reply to Getting Past Bios/Startup ...

I have been doing some research and I think that the security has to do with the IBM embedded security chips on these laptops. I also forgot to Mention the model of this Thinkpad is a T30.

I still havent figured out a work around.

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re BIOS Security

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Getting Past Bios/Startup ...

Contact IBM for a solution. Most laptops today do not store the BIOS security password IN the BIOS, so removing the battery won't help. And, we can not provide password help from this forum.

Another option is to try and contact the pharmaceutical company to see if they can provide assistance. But, I highly doubt anyone would remember a password from equipment that old. IBM is really your best bet.

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With Think Pads and BIOS Passwords

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Getting Past Bios/Startup ...

You don't have any choice here you need to buy new M'Boards as there is a Smart Socket on the M'Board that powers the IC that contains the password. There is no way to bypass this and the NB's didn't come with anything to remove the passwords. As there is nothing that exists to perform this task.

It has long been the practise of disgruntled employees to insert a Start up Password to render Think Pads unusable by the legit owners. So if the Legit Owner is unable to work around this issue you have no chance.

Face things you have been conned and even if your friend wasn't directly involved he at the very least has been conned as well.

The best thing you can do here is to wreck the units and sell the parts on E-Bay to recover as much as possible.


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