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    Getting Rid of HTML in Office Xp


    by trmichels ·

    The Microsoft Patch to elimiante or “filter” all of the excess HTML in Office XP, especially if you use Word 2000, did not work with “my” XP “Standard” edition.

    However, I did find a way to make web pages in XP, provided you use Word 97. Instead of creating pages in Word as a “normal” document, you open up “New”, open up “Web Pages” and create your web page there, where you can save as your web pages as “HTML”.

    Howver, I did find that I can’t copy a “Web Page” from Word “Normal” to Word New/”Web Page” without losing a lot of formatting, and the pictures will be lost. But, it still saves more time than creating a whole new document.

    T.R. Michels

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