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    Getting rid of Windows File Protection


    by forlornwatcher ·

    I have read several things about how to get rid of windows file protection. I have been able to hex edit a copy of the needed dll, sfc_os.dll, found in c:\windows\system32, but have been able to copy it to the original folder to have the changes take effect. I am using XP Pro with Service Pack 1. I read you could reboot and start in the dos prompt, but with xp, even in the start up dos style propt, its still emulated; when i try to copy the file, it still says its in use.

    I was wondering if there was some form of DOS i can boot from a disk, so i can avoid loading the xp files.

    thanx for any and all help.

    non amava

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      You can….

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Getting rid of Windows File Protection

      use a standard Windows98 boot disk, but this won’t help much if you have NTFS (not a good idea…FAT32 is faster and more compact). There are other sources of boot disks and there was an article on here only a week ago about booting from floppy to access NTFS (slow) partitions.

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        by jackofalltech ·

        In reply to You can….

        There is a freeware utility called MoveOnNextBoot (Sorry, no URL) that can handle this sort of thing.


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      Turn off Simple File Sharing in Tools/FolderOptions

      by drdean ·

      In reply to Getting rid of Windows File Protection

      XP keeps a copy of all of the Windows file in a protected folder.
      However, you can get rid of most of the protection by going to Win Explorer,
      Tools>Folder Options>View>Advanced Settings and uncheck the last entry Simple File Sharing.
      Folder Properties will then give you a Security Tab where you can add Everyone or whatever.

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