Getting second computer on wireless network

By rhinorn ·
I have a laptop hooked up to a cable modem (Comcast) and it is attached to a Netgear router. Our other computer is a desk model and has a Linksys wireless receiver. Why can't I get the Linksys to read the wireless?

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by rbtechguy In reply to Getting second computer o ...

Has the desktop ever been able to access the wireless connection, or is this a new install?

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by robo_dev In reply to Getting second computer o ...

So is this what you have:

comcast cable modem--netgear wireless router

wireless laptop---netgear wireless router

The security settings configured in the netgear router must match the security settings in the desktop PC.

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If this is a new connection you need to set up the Router

by OH Smeg In reply to Getting second computer o ...

Al new Netgear WiFi Routers come with a SSID and PASSPHRASE code. You need to run the WiFi Setup Disc that comes with the router. But if you have the CAT5 cable why not plug it into the Router and then the Desktop. The connection will be faster that Wireless and there is no possibility of drop outs.


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Probably the other PC is a long way away....

by robo_dev In reply to If this is a new connecti ...

like in the guest cottage of the estate near the stables, or in the office above the warehouse for the classic car least that's where mine is :)

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Well maybe but how was the WiFi Router configured?

by OH Smeg In reply to Probably the other PC is ...

After all when everything is said & done you need a Hardwired connection to initially configure the WiFi Router don't you.


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