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    Getting started as a pc techie


    by stanb_54 ·

    I just got my hot little hands on my A+ certification,and almost ready to Network+ certify.Now I want to get some advice from you experienced folks on how to become gainfully employed. It seems that everyone wants experience, but how do you get it if no wants to give it to you? Are there any good sites out there that can give you an edge? Any advice is welcome.

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      Some good sites, but not the way you think

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Getting started as a pc techie

      Great sites to get experience are all over the place. Non-profit organizations almost always need tech support, but often cannot afford to hire somebody. Contact local charities, churches, or other organizations and offer to help if they need it. The experience and references are invaluable.

      Small businesses often have IT needs but not the money to hire at going rates. Check around. Let them know you are willing to work at $10/hour for the first job or two. If you do well, they will usually be willing to raise the rate for later jobs. If a business is using an individual for their support, ask if you can be put in contact with this individual.

      Offer to help at a local privately-owned computer store. These businesses are less formal than the major chains and may be amenable to allowing you to get experience, starting with easier jobs.

      Have you done any work on your own for family or friends? Configured or repaired PCs? Installed hardware or software? Installed a home network (wired or wireless)? This too counts as experience. Formal projects from school can also be used as experience.

      If you put your mind to it, I’m sure you can think of other possibilities. But remember, there is no magic bullet that will get you the experience you need.

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