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Getting Through IT College The Easy Way?

I'm currently going to school for a BSIT, but I'm having a hard time with a lot of subjects like computer programming & above all else math subjects. Any advice on books or software that could help me out or anyone else having the same problem as I do?

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There is no "easy way"

by jdclyde In reply to Getting Through IT Colleg ...

The way to get over the issues you have is to get a tutor to help you, and do ALL the assignments in the book, not just the ones assigned to you by the instructor.

It is common to take the lazy way out and only do what is REQUIRED, but that will hurt you in the end.

Oh, and kiss your social life goodbye until you get through the hard classes. Can't have both.

Try to pair up your classes so you have not all hard classes at the same time, and try to follow a logical order, keeping like classes right after each other so you don't have time to forget what was in the last class.

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by Jessie In reply to Getting Through IT Colleg ...

There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch and there ain't no easy way to get through the hard classes. The best you can do is make it easier on yourself by not trying to cram it all in the night before the test. Study EVERY night, not just the nights you have homework. For many of us, those hard classes take a lot of repetition to finally get the information to stick in the brain. Eventually the light bulb comes on above our heads and we may even someday find those difficult concepts easy... until then you just have to keep hittin' the books.

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Online tutoring

by Tig2 In reply to Getting Through IT Colleg ...

I know of a site that has teaching materials for grades 1-
6 available for download. While you may think that you
are only interested in college level math, I would
encourage you to consider doing these exercises. They
approach mathematics in a different way and start you
thinking differently about math.

The people that developed the online lessons are also
available to tutor online. Their tutoring fees are

You might also want to Google for additional sites that
can help you with whatever you are trying to get through.
There is a lot available.

For programming, I would suggest that you find a
mentor. A person who has done programming will be
able to teach you things not found in the books but
represent solid programming skills.

Math site:

Good luck!

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You could

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Getting Through IT Colleg ...

try sports.....

getting through college the easy way, sheesh.

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Change your career path.

by vickaprili In reply to Getting Through IT Colleg ...

The IT industry is already full of unqualified or falsely qualified cowboys and cowgirls. If it is too tough, try something else for a living.

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Unfortunately, that was my first thought too.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Change your career path.

Much of IT depends on math, especially Base 2 and Base 16 math. There are some creative areas like content design that don't emphasize it as much as the infrastructure and administrative fields.

Frankly, the question itself suggests you may be happier in another field. While there are usually multiple ways to do a task, in IT you must understand the background before you can be successful using "the easy way".

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