Getting US websites from Canada

By sfotpabay ·
When I am traveling in Canada several months per year, I can't get access to certain functions at some US websites. For example, I can't run streaming US television programs at HULU. It says this is not available in Canada. My US internet connection is Comcast but when in Canada, I am accessing the internet through Nova Scotia C@P, the government community access internet wifi system. How can I set my internet access to show I am accessing the internet in the US so that I can get access to these functions?

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by JamesRL In reply to Getting US websites from ...

It isn't the government of Canada stopping you from reaching those sites, its the sites themselves. Usually because the rights in Canada belong to someone else. You can to see if those same shows are on a Canadian network like, ,, etc.

Alternatively if that doesn't work, you can find sites that act as proxies and will fool HULU into thinking that you are somewhere else. Be warned though, I did this once and the proxy agent software was very very bad. It took a lot of resources, was buggy, causing many crashes, and in the end I had to dump it. It didn't uninstall properly and I had to manually edit the register to kill it.

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What about a static IP address on a server?

by sfotpabay In reply to Proxies

Would this work and how does it work? Thanks.

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IPs are registered

by JamesRL In reply to What about a static IP ad ...

If the IP is registered to Canadian company they will block you.

The proxy creates a foreign IP and forwards traffic.

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Yep - just find some U.S. proxy addresses

by seanferd In reply to IPs are registered

You can configure the addresses right in the proxy settings of the browser - avoid buggy software.

FF has a proxy-switcher extension (FoxyProxy) which makes switching the proxy on/off easy.

Eusing Free IP Switcher can hold a number of different TCP/IP configurations. You can just configure the proxy field on one tab and switch that on or off as well.

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