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Getting Win95 to be recognized on routered LAN

By mikenowo ·
I have a router and two computers, one with win98 the other with winXp, both are connected to each other and the internet and are working fine...

Now, I have been given an old 486 with win95 on it and have setup the lan card, attached it to the router and installed the appropriate protocols (tcpip, ipx for games). BUT, when I reboot the win95 PC it doesn't get an IP address assigned to it by the router. I've put the Network tcpip options for the card to auto assign an IP, took Wins Resolution off, and no gateways/dnses (that is how I have it set in win98 and it works there).
I've also given the PC a name and the same workgroup in the Identification section, but no IP gets assigned.

When I do an ipconfig, both the eth0 and eth1 are at
SO, I tried assigning an IP with the same first 3 sets of numbers as the other 2 machines (i.e. 192.168.0...) to (other 2 machines are 100, 101) and then when I reboot win95, both of the others 2 machines can now see its name in network neighborhood, but can't access it. Can't ping it either.
The win95 machine sees itself and can ping itself, but not the other 2 machines. Also, ipconfig now shows the ip I assigned and the netmask but not the gateway.

Is there something else in win95 that I have to set for the router to truly have access to it (that I don't seem to have had to in win98)? How do I get win95 to understand to use the router as the dhcp server (I shouldn't have to be assigning one)?

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Getting Win95 to be recog ...

can you ping router from win95 box? have you tried setting the gateway on the win95 box to the routers ip address. even tho not set that way on win98 box.

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by mikenowo In reply to Getting Win95 to be recog ...

No I cannot ping anything but win95 itself. I DID try using the router IP in the gateway, but alas that did not help. The odd thing is that if I don't SPECIFICALLY enter the IP I want (and netmask) in the network options of the win95 machine it cannot assign the Ip i.e. if I allow win95 to auto assign the IP it fails and gives me as the IP address. Seems that I get a DHCP error (sounds like the DHSP client is not functioning). I tried un/re-installing tcpip but that didn't help. Win95 can't even autop assign an IP addy. Not sure how to fix that?

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