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Getting Windows 98 se to network

By Isrick ·
I have 3 Pentum 100 systems the only difference is the mem 16,24 and 32 ine each sys. The issue is on a clean load the two with low mem will not get on a network, They can see them selfs on the network and one of there computer names show up, have checked the drivers one has a new nic, it is peer to peer and uses netbeui, the same sys had win98st and worked fine. Can any one shed some light?

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Boost the memory

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Getting Windows 98 se to ...

The most likely problem is that you do not have sufficient memory to allow full operation of the o/s and the services for full network capability. The system is not loadding the services it cannot run properly.

Boost the RAM to 32MB for all machines and you should be OK. Higher if possible.

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this did not help

by Isrick In reply to Boost the memory

put more ram in to the tune of 128 still not on the hetwork


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by GuruOfDos In reply to Getting Windows 98 se to ...

A computer will only see itself on the network unless it has a shared folder, drive or printer, then the others can see it!

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The fix

by Isrick In reply to Shares

The shares was on to see it self , the fix though is the the main board chip set is not win98se campatable so there is no fix thank you

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What type of M'Board are you using

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The fix

As to share something in Win Nightmare 8 you just go into the My Computer right click on the disk/folder/printer and the on the drop down menu chose share. You have the option of share all, read only or setting paswords. When this is set up taking into acount that the Network drivers are installed then the computer should see itself and anything else on the network.

Go into the control pannel and click on networks {at least I think that's what it is as it's been so long ago} and make sure that you have selected Microsoft networking, then File & print sharing and make sure that your network card is installed properly with TCP/IP. If the TCP/IP is not set up then click on add then protocols and then Microsoft and scroll down to TCP/IP andclick on that. You will be required to place the Win 98 disk in the computer and it will probably ask to reboot. You may also get a massage to tell you that TCP/IP is selected for Internet connection and would you like Windows to close this down click on yes and then Windows will reboot. Then you can go about setting up sharing on what ever drives/folders/printers that you want. Of course you will have to do this on every computer on the network and if you are using an RJ45 lead between 2 computers then it will have to be a cross over lead or the thing won't work but if it is running through a router there should be no problems.

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by Isrick In reply to What type of M'Board are ...

It is a ALI m5818 b1

Is the only markings I could find it dose have a intell pci chip set


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I was not right

by Isrick In reply to Make

that last ID was for the bios clock, This and the other one are FuguTech model M507 boards

Found this through the Bios Id's

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check the user names

by karthik.iyer In reply to The fix


i faced a similar pbm with win 98. the problem got solved by having a single user login name in all the machines.

y dont u try it n c whether it works for u.

karthik iyer

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We'll start at the begining

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Getting Windows 98 se to ...

First open the control panel and then click on Windows Setup, pay particular attention to the comunications section and make sure everything in this one section is selected. It might not hurt to install some of the other bits and pieces while your already there, it will require the Win CD to load these new drivers and then reboot. You will have to do this on every computer.

Next are you using RJ45 cable through a router or 50 ohm coaxial? If its the coaxial you need T pieces at every computer with a terminator at each end and the coax in between so with a 3 station network you should have on the first station 1 terminator, 1 T peice then the coax going to the next computer. At the second computer you should have the coax coming in to the T piece and then leaving again to the last computer. At the 3 computer you should have the T piece with one side connected to the coax and the terminator on the other side. If you have any more T pieces connected without coax coming into each side the the network will not work so install a terminator on any spare/unused T pieces. This system will only alow 10 MBS transfer and has long since been disposed of but for a home network it works just fine. If all the coax connections are all right get a multimeter and check the coax leads as it is not unknown for one or more to fail you want to check for no breaks in the lines that is you should get little to no restinance along the centre pins or the outside connectors of the BNC plugs, at the same time check to make sure that there is no contact between the inner and outer lines. If there is replace that bit of coax.

Now its time to set up the computers first go into the control pannel and click on the network icon and make sure that the Network cards are correctly installed with the proper language between all computers Eg TCP/IP, NEUBIOS or whatever.

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Part 3

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to We'll start at the begini ...

The computers that can see themselves in My Network Neighbourhood probably have the right networking protocols already installed so leave them alone. Concentrate on the ones that can't see themselves. If all the computers can see themselves then theproblem is probably in the connection between them if its coax then one of the leads is probably damaged and if your using RJ45 then its likely to be the router as if you had one faulty lead the other computers should see each other.

Hope this has been of some help

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