Getting wireless router to work together with DSL modem

By zackyb92 ·
ok. So I'm not sure exactly what i need to do(I'm not a network guy) but I'm trying to get my wireless router set up with my DSL modem.. and I dont know if there's some IP that needs to be changed or something.. I know that when I set up our wrls router at my house I had to call our ISP and he went in and changed some setting in our modem (which was a modem/router type thing) and then the two would work together.
So, After trying everything, we had where just the desktop would get internet connection, then it would go away, then the laptops (WiFi) couldn't connect to the internet.. and just nothing was working well together..
Please help me understand what I have to do to go from a DSL modem that is hooked right to the desktop to- the DSL modem going to the wireless router going to WiFi and cat5 to the desktop, and have internet working on both!
thanks a lot.
by the way this is the router:

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OK Easy Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Getting wireless router t ...

As the Modem is currently working all that is required is to unplug the Desktop and plug that CAT5 Cable to the Uplink Port of the WiFi Router. Then plug in a CAT5 Cable from the Routers LAN Ports to the Desktop. Here you either need to run the Router Setup Wizard or open a Web Browser and enter the Routers HTTP Address and then the User Name & Password to get into the Routers Setup Procedure. This will be in the manual which generally comes as a PDF File on the CD that comes in the Routers Packaging.

Go through the Routers Setup Procedure as per the Instruction Manual and change the Password on it from the Default to prevent anyone accessing it tirelessly and making changes. Record the New Password in a place where it will not get lost and also make a new WPA2 PassPhrase for the same reasons.

After you have finished the Setup Procedure save the settings and you may be required to reboot the router also if you want the Wired & Wireless Sides of the LAN to be able to communicate or share Printers you'll need to bridge these 2 LAN's together and depending on what the Modem actually is you may be required to turn off the DHCP Allocation in the router. After the reboot or whatever the router requires see if you can now access the Internet from the Desktop, if you can start a NB and connect to the WiFi LAN run the Wireless Setup Wizard and enter the PassPhrase that you have created and then see if you can connect tot he Internet through the WiFi LAN. If you followed the Setup Procedures outlined in the Instruction Manual correctly you should have a working Modem come router and a WiFi Access Point that is reasonable secure.

If it doesn't work Wirelessly go back to the Desktop and reenter the Routers Setup Procedure and make the necessary changes to allow it to work. This should mean carefully reading the Instruction Manual.


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"Domain Name"

by technogeek-1995 In reply to OK Easy Answer

I don't know if this is true with DSL, but when the Comcast guy came out; he tried to set up our system, and got stuck (ill-educated technician)...I need a "Domain Name" for my router. In Indiana Comcast's name happens to be This just rang a bell in my head when you said a Tech from your ISP came out and did some stuff. Good Luck on finding your answer.

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by wopundo In reply to "Domain Name"


Why dont you just do what he says, connect a cable to the router and let it act as your connection to your LAN. thats all let your router lease the Ip addresses vis DHCP and you are good to go.

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