Getting wireless to work is turning into a full-time job

By gnair1 ·
Hi, all you technical wizards:

I have spent an untold number of hours trying to get my wireless network working in my home office.

The set up:

Main machine =

PC running XP Pro, SP2. It is connected to a Westell 327 wireless modem (not the Chinese manufactured version) via a cat5 Ethernet cable. It connects to Verizon DSL.

This machine is firewalled and runs Kaspersky as its defense.

Sharing permissions = all drives on this machine are set to share.

I can do all of the Internet functions on this machine.

Laptop =

IBM T43 from work. That may be significant because it is setup to run on the work domain and works perfectly there.

This machine runs XP Pro with SP2 and uses F-Prot as its defense.

In my home office, I can use all Internet functions through the main machine?s Westell modem ? no problems.

However, when I try to access the drives on the main machine, I constantly get the error message ?\\CHA\Shareddocs is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource ? etc. Network name cannot be found? This error appears for all drives on the main machine.

Additionally, when I click on the drives I want to connect to while in Network Places, that program often fails and it takes a long time for Windows to recover.

Now, Verizon was NO help. In fact, their ?tech? blew the domain out of the laptop and it took hours and much help to get that machine working again ? I couldn?t even log in to the workstation (the Verizon tech suggested that I needed premium support ? for $$ ? after he ?accomplished? this). So, Verizon is no help.

My University techs have great experience with our network domain there, but cannot tell me what is going wrong in the home office setup.

So, I turn to you. Help, please, so I can get some real work done on these computers instead of chasing ghosts within XP.


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Not 100% sure about this but ...

by Bizzo In reply to Getting wireless to work ...

I think that for file sharing to happen in this way, both machines need to be in the same workgroup.

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I'll take a chance here

by -Q-240248 In reply to Getting wireless to work ...

It used to be that you could not be a member of two different domains, especially when it comes to sharing network drives. If you are not a member of that workgroup/domain, forgetaboutit.

You do realize though that there are alternatives to Windows networking. You can setup the host machine as a ftp server, ssh, telnet, web server or any other multitudes of file sharing technologies...

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Add a user name to the main system

by IC-IT In reply to Getting wireless to work ...

Use the Laptop's user name, add it to the home computers with a password. You will then be able to access the shares.

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I think this way might work

by -Q-240248 In reply to Add a user name to the ma ...

Good advice. I think I actually got this same problem to work that way as well, matching the Laptop username and passwrod and creating a duplicate username and password on the host.

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Need a little more help...

by gnair1 In reply to Add a user name to the ma ...

Thanks bwilmot.

I'd love to try that option but don't know how to do it. I've searched all over every corner I know to search on the desktop and cannot find a place to add the laptop user name and password.



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Go to Control Panel

by IC-IT In reply to Need a little more help.. ...

Classic view and you will see the User accounts applet. Open that and add the exact same user name and password.

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Name is too long

by gnair1 In reply to Go to Control Panel

Hi, bwilmot:

I got to users, created a new account. However, the name assigned by my University IT in order for it to work on that network is too long to fit in the space in the create account.

I do not think I can change that name on the laptop (they've already had to save me twice when I blew the domain out of the laptop in an effort to solve this sharing problem).

Other ideas?

Thanks for your help.


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Have you tried doing the opposite yet ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Getting wireless to work ...

Namely, accessing the laptop from the "main machine"?

Rather than bemoaning the inadequacies of the laptop, attempt the access the other way round, then if that doesn't work either, you know that the 'different workgroup problem' is a definite.

I'd say if you've got two different workgroup names, a snowball has more chance in **** than you have right now.

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No luck in that direction either

by gnair1 In reply to Have you tried doing the ...

Thanks Mycroft and greetings to Tain (Scotland?):

Tried going from desktop to laptop. No luck. In fact, Browstat readouts show both machines ignoring the other and I don't have the slightest idea of where to begin.

After hours on this today, I'm suffering from networking blindness ...


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You probably

by IC-IT In reply to No luck in that direction ...

wont need the domain part. Ex. if user name is, then just use joe.userdude

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