getway problem

By Sultan1984 ·
i have dell laptop vistro 1015
the problem is i can open the internet and ping the getway from my desktop pc and log in others computers but i cant open the internet from my laptob with the same cable but there's no problem with the network i can log in others computers from laptop i try to connect my laptop on different modem speed touch and its working but at my home i cant i need ur help plz to solve the problem i dont know if it from my laptop or from the modem speed touch st585 but i think there's no problem with my laptop and the modem because my desktop pc is working good
need ur help plz

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please ask the question in English and not Urdu - so many

by Deadly Ernest In reply to getway problem

foreign words that aren't English, I can't understand the question.

Also, it would help a little to know what operating systems are running on what units.

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As well as the OS's in use here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to getway problem

Knowing your type of Network Topology and the way that it is connected to the Internet would help no end here.

It's possible that if you are using a Windows Computer as a Gateway device to some sort of Modem adding the NoteBook exceeds the maximum Concurrent Connection Number which causes the issues you are having but until we know what type of network and how it is configured it's not possible to say much more than that.

OH Except XP Home allows 5 Concurrent connections and XP Pro allows 10 Concurrent Connections where as most forms of Linux the maximum number of Concurrent Connections can be configured as required.


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by Sultan1984 In reply to As well as the OS's in us ...

windows xp pro
and its just 2 computer i have at my home
all computer win xp pro

ok maybe u can understand me now

i have speed touch modem st585

Interface - LocalNetwork

Interface Information

Interface Group: lan

TCP/IP Configuration

Auto-IP: Disabled
Use DHCP Server: Enabled

IP Address/Mask Type Static Static

DHCP Pools

DHCP Pool Name Address Range Gateway

LAN_private -

for desktop i use ip get way dns

for latop get way dns
as i said before i can conect my descktop from laptop but cant open internet or ping getway but why if i can conect my descktop from the same modem its should work fine
i have this problem from 3 days ago
sorry fro my english again but i need the help if u can

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You need to enable the IP Addressing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to sorry

You can do away with the DHCP Addressing as with just a straight connection to a Modem it's not necessary.

Ideally under these conditions you should also not be using Static Addressing but let the systems set their own as required.

Just run the Network Setup Wizard and let Windows set it's own settings.


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thank you

by Sultan1984 In reply to You need to enable the IP ...

thx for help but i did before and i try it again now nothing wrok by the way all seting is ok
its not the first time i conect pc on internet or network but
i try some thing in my desktop pc when i try command NSLOOKUP
it show
the default server :speedtouch.lan
in my laptop
default server :UNKNOWN
adreess :
i think there's problem on the modem
i can conect any computer from my laptop but cant ping geteway
so the problem is from modem i think
by the way the cable its 100M cat 5
work in pc and in laptop before
thx again

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Try unplugging the Power to the Modem

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thank you

leave it disconnected for about 30 seconds and then plug it back in. It could have been hit by a Power Spike which scrambled it.

Unplugging and allowing it to clear will cure that issue.


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thx again

by Sultan1984 In reply to Try unplugging the Power ...

thx again i did it

but as i said before the problem in the modem i try another one and it worked good
am just worry why the cable is work on my desktop and not work on laptop
but its done i buy new modem and everything is working fine now

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Good to hear.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thx again

As for the old Modem it is always possible that it's not compatible with the OS, Vista has several issues with external Modems that shouldn't really have happened but they did.


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i find the problem unblivble

by Sultan1984 In reply to thx again

thx guys for helping but guess what the problem one person in the lan blocked the mac address for my laptop and another computer and when i change the mac address buy software name TMAC ver5
its done and working like before
so its rly was small problem but hard to know
thx again and ty OH Smeg for interesting

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