GFI Webmonitor ReportPack and SQL server

By alashhar ·
hi all

i have installed GFI webmonitor without any problem and it is working with some policies, but my boss need a report every week so i decide to install GFI Webmonitor ReportPack during the installation it asks me about "Database Name", "Login ID", and "Password", but i do not remember that i created this database during GFI webmonitor, so what can i do to sort this problem out and complete the installation of ReportPack.

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Difficult problem, and....

by robo_dev In reply to GFI Webmonitor ReportPack ...

For SQL server, locate the OSQL.EXE utility, goto a cmd prompt, and type OSQL -L. This will locate any MS-SQL servers on the network and should give you your instance name.

The sa account in the system admin on SQL server. You can login using the OSQL utility as well.

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by jasonemmg In reply to GFI Webmonitor ReportPack ...

I recently installed a 30-day trial of the GFI Webmonitor program. How do you like using it?

The problem I am having is where do I place the computer I have the program installed on within my network?

Do I place it on my LAN or do I have to have a cat5 cable go from a firewall LAN port to the computer running GFI Webmonitor then a 2nd cat5 cable going to a swtich/hub on my LAN?


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