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GFI Webmonitor

By jasonemmg ·
I recently installed a 30-day trial of the GFI Webmonitor program on a PC running Windows XP sp3. I installed the optional/built-in MSQLExpress to be used for the database on the same PC.
The problem I am having is where do I place this computer within my network layout?

We have a T1 modem-->switch-->firewall-->2 switches on LAN
|-->IP phone system

Do I place the GFI Webmonitor PC to a switch on my LAN or do I need to install a 2nd NIC card and use the following setup? cat5 cable from firewall LAN port to GFI then 2nd cat5 cable to switch on my LAN?


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Since you're going to be monitoring all web traffic (I assume),

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to GFI Webmonitor

the most likely point would be the first point AFTER the firewall, then from there to the
2 switches on LAN >IP Phone system. Then you would need to configure the Windows
firewall on the WinXP SP3, or disable it, to allow traffic to the IP Phone.

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by jasonemmg In reply to GFI Webmonitor

I should have not mentioned the IP Phone, it has its own Public IP, etc..I have a switch between the T1 and firewall because 2 PCs are on both networks.

So basically my setup for the office is T1-->switch-->firewall-->2switches on my office LAN.
What you are saying is to connect the GFI PC to one of the switches after the firewall which would be on my LAN?

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Reponse To Answer

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Re:Webmonitor

Yes, after the firewall, to the LAN.

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by jasonemmg In reply to GFI Webmonitor

Thats how I have it setup, on my LAN. I'll have to check the rules within my firewall again. I did have the Web Proxy IP set to that of the GFI PC.

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Think about port mirroring

by SecDw33b In reply to GFI Webmonitor

The Wiz makes a good point . This is usually the optimal configuration. If you were to sandwich the monitor device between the firewall and the internal network, you would see all inbound traffic, but only outbound traffic under most normal configurations because most people with re do not know to ask or don't RTFM.

However, if you attach the monitor to the internal network and then do port mirroring on the attached port AND you are on a flat network between both switches, monitor will see all in, all local and all out traffic. If your network isn't totally flat ping me for more info.

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by jasonemmg In reply to GFI Webmonitor

I called GFI yesterday, they tech support is very helpful!
I had to adjust my firewall rules and also the Proxy Port settings within WebMonitor.

It is working now.

Thank You all!

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