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    GFX Card glitching – No input, any ideas?

    by nlod3 ·


    A rundown of the issue and ill I’ve tried: Every component in my pc lights up and works (fans running, mobo light is green, case LEDS) However, the fans on the graphics cards are glitching out (they sputter and can not complete even 1 full revolution each, as is if they start to spin and something stops them immidiately) and both of my monitors (tested different cables and monitors) refuse to receive any HDMI signal from my computer (GFX card). My computer has been working fine for years until this happened randomly, I’ve unplugged and replugged everything and tried different cables. No fix. I installed the CPU again one day with new thermal and the PC actually posted for the first time in days and received signal (I thought this was the issue), it then worked for 2 days running games and programs as normal, however it has recently died again and will give no input and the graphics card fans are glitching again. Is my mobo dead and to blame? I tested another GFX card in the system, as well as tested every connection and I have no access to system drivers or updates as im unable to boot the pc, but it will run and display lights and run fans still. Any ideas of what could be wrong? Im lost and have tried every remedy I know or could think of or google less of buying new parts.

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