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Giant Mecha Robots

By GSG ·
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I've been seeing trailers for a new movie called "Pacific Rim", and all I could think of was Jay Garman's rant from 2008, "Why Giant Mecha Robots are Stupid".

It's like they read his post and added every single thing he said was stupid, and voila! there's the movie.

I almost want to see this movie just so I can point out why Jay was right!

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I said this awhile ago

by Slayer_ In reply to Giant Mecha Robots

Get your own topic ideas....

But yeah, it looks bad lol.

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Or even better still

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I said this awhile ago

How senseless the new movie Pacific Rim looks, with Mecha Robots! What were they thinking?

To be fair, GSG did link to Jay's original post too. I guess I better too then.

The odd part is that Vancouver is Hollywood North, many US dramas and sitcoms are filmed here (with US mailboxes, street signs and cop cars showing it as a US location) and countless movies are filmed here each year IN THE PACIFIC FREAKIN' RIM!

I wonder why they wouldn't film this movie on long beach (the Pacific Rim) or even on the west coast NEAR the Pacific Rim.

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"I wonder why they wouldn't film this movie on long beach..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Or even better still

I wonder why they would film this movie, period.

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by GSG In reply to I said this awhile ago

I missed it. I just saw that trailer yesterday several times, and immediately thought of that thread. Now I wonder if the movie will be as bad as Transformers 2 and 3?

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I liked transformers 2 and 3...

by Slayer_ In reply to sorry

Those were some robots that sort of make sense. They didn't really affect Jays argument. He just said it was pointless to build them.

But autobots already existed. They could be like us, getting bigger every generation.

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by GSG In reply to I liked transformers 2 an ...

The autobots were cool. I just got tired of the gratuitous boobies and potty humor. Example, in T2, when they're in the quarry, and the big robot transforms and has wrecking balls, for, well, you know..

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I have an juvenile mind and thought that funny

by Slayer_ In reply to Yeah

What's wrong with that?
Stop being a grumpy old man.

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Not a grumpy old man

by GSG In reply to I have an juvenile mind a ...

I'm a grumpy middle aged woman!

OK, I can take some potty humor, but when the whole movie stinks and seems just to be a vehicle for the potty humor, I just find it tedious. Parts were really fun, but it was like they just phoned it in.

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You don't understand kids these day old lady

by Slayer_ In reply to Not a grumpy old man

Kids consider that tame, barely anything potty humor about it.

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Had me worried there

by BFilmFan In reply to Not a grumpy old man

I thought you had experienced one of those life events and kinda forgot to tell your old friends. :)

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