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GIF/ICON displayed

By khunter ·
New question for the group...
How do I get a GIF/ICON to display next to the title? I'd like to have one displayed next to the site name when it's bookmarked. I've seen this done on some corporate and government sites.

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visual studio?

by Shellbot In reply to GIF/ICON displayed

i've done it using the sample from VS Help..here it is..

Associate the Icon with Your Web Page
After creating the icon, you must associate it with your Web page. One way is to save the icon with the default file name of favicon.ico in the root directory of your domain?for example, www.microsoft.com/favicon.ico. Each time your Web page is added to a user's favorites, Internet Explorer automatically searches for this file and places the icon next to all the favorites and quick links originating from your site.

You can also associate the icon with your Web page by saving the icon with a file name other than favicon.ico and adding a line of HTML code in the head section of your Web document. The line of code includes a link tag that specifies the location and name of the file. You can include this link tag on a per-page basis.

<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://www.mydomain.com/myicon.ico">

is this what you were looking for?

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by khunter In reply to visual studio?

That looks like it will do the trick. I'll try it out. Thanks.

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