Gigabit LAN Implementation

By bino's ·
We have an existing network running on a 10/100 LAN connections 300
Desktop and 10 Data Servers it is connected on the managed switch

Here is my questions.

If we will implement Gigabit on the server side putting a gigabit
switch connecting all the server on it then it will be then be
connected on our 10/100 VLAN switch. Will there be any improvements on
the desktop side connecting to the server considering that the gigabit
switch of the server is connected to the 10/100 managed switch wherein
all desktop switch also connected on that 10/100 VLAN switch ?

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Not really

by JPElectron In reply to Gigabit LAN Implementatio ...

If a Gigabit server goes to a Gigabit switch, but then that switch connects to a 10/100 switch for the rest of the clients, then 100Mbps is still your bottleneck to all clients - you probably haven't accomplished much.

Depending if your servers really need to talk faster to eachother, in order for response time to a client application to improve, (for example multiple DB servers, or a DB to a front-end web server) it is possible clients on the 10/100 network will see application-specific improvements, but this depends greatly on your application/design.

If your simply talking about file transfers, then all devices in the network must link at Gigabit to see any improvement.

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Reponse To Answer

by Inthepipe5x5 In reply to Not really

Use Etherchannel to the 10/100 switch if you have capacity, or better yet use the uplink ports on the 10/100 (if any exist, you may need to get gbics for them) to increase the tunking capacity. You can have a maximum of 8 in a bundle giving you 8x100M in the channel. The thing to decide then is how you hash into the channel for your load balancing distribution. With the majority being on one side configure source MAC or source MAC/IP might be the best option for you. This will give you improvements to your desktops from the servers.

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