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Gigabit NIC

By mahmoodaly ·
Dear Friends,
I have a new gigabit network being implemented in my premises, but the question arises of the Gigabit 10/100/1000 NIC for the workstations & desktops. What is the minimum hardware requirement (motherboard)for the Gigabit NIC. there are few PentiumIII systems and as well Pentium4. do i need to upgrade my old P3 systems with new motherboards, if so, which brand etc.
I thank you all for the support.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Gigabit NIC

Provided that the M'Boards in Question don't have an On Board LAN and a available PCI Slot you can use Gigabit LAN Cards in these computers with out a problem.

However if you have On Board LAN you will not be able to use a Gigabite NIC in a PCI Slot and have it work so if you have M'Boards like that you'll need to replace them with some with either On Board Gigabit or M'Boards without any LAN Connection and use a Gigabit NIC.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

I should have added here as well the same applies to the P4 M'Boards as well if any of them have On Board LAN that isn't Gigabit they will also have to be replaced with ones that either have no On Board LAN or ones with Gigabit On Board LAN.

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by lowlands In reply to Gigabit NIC

HAL, couldn't you just disable the onboard LAN in the BIOS and still use an addon GB NIC? if you have an available PCI slot that is of course

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by ramessess In reply to Gigabit NIC

Ok, I sort of agree with the last post. Just add a PCI NIC that will give you Gigabit, but why does an on-board nic stop you? Just go into the BIOS and disable the on-board, install the new NIC. I currently have a client's network that runs this setup with no problem. Also, a P3 system should do fine, just give it enough RAM (512 or more).

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by fungus-among-us In reply to Gigabit NIC

I have several systems with onboard NIC (some gigabit, others just 10/100). On all my systems, I have disabled the onboard NIC and installed Intel Desktop Gigabit PCI NICs. No problems on my network.

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by larryhyman In reply to Gigabit NIC

check with the nic manufacture, but there should be no problem (of course you will have to disable any in bedded 10/100 nics)

I thing the main thing is the hub, switch, router must support gigabit and be backward compatible, also, you might have to change some of you cableing....

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