Gigabyte Mobo: GA-MA78G-DS3HP no logo on boot

By Snuffy09 ·
Like any other motherboard when you turn your computer on you normally see a quick splash screen of the manufacturer, a few options f2 for set up or del for bios settings, ect.

90% of the time i see nothing and my PC boots right up

very few times i have seen a white screen for half a second with the motherboard logo displayed.

I have the BIOS set to display the logo im not sure why its not.

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By the sounds of things this is working correctly

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gigabyte Mobo: GA-MA78G-D ...

So what is the problem?

If the system is skipping over showing the Gigabyte Logo most times it sounds as if the system is running quite quickly and has passed this point before the instructions are sent out to execute the display settings. Most people complain that this part of the Boot Process goes too slowly for them and if you want to slow it down open the BIOS by Pressing the Delete Key and adding things to slow the system down in the way of checks to perform at the POST Stage. Things like the Temps of Components and Fan Speeds will slow the system down at this initial Stage and the way that it detects things like installed RAM and HDD's will have an effect if you move these to Auto instead of selecting the correct values that will slow things down for you. :)


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I know that its good that its fast

by Snuffy09 In reply to By the sounds of things t ...

I just want to see what options i have at this screen, at this point i dont even know if i have to hit f2 or delete to make changes to my bios, i just tap them both until the screen comes up lol

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With Gigabyte M'Boards you always press Delete to enter BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I know that its good that ...

It's been that way since the old 486 Days and while I personally don't use AMD CPU's the start up procedure is exactly the same on them all.

But if in doubt here you can always Read The Manual for directions on how to use one of these M'Boards Gigabyte has a excellent section on BIOS Setup in every one of their manuals that I have ever looked at.

If you didn't keep the manual and CD for this M'Board you can download the manual from here

Just left click on the bottom link on this page that reads Download from with English to the right of it.


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Sounds normal to me

by Jacky Howe In reply to Gigabyte Mobo: GA-MA78G-D ...

one of mine does the same and it is obviously getting through the pre post checks at a rate of knots and not always displaying the Logo. I don't really mind so long as the System starts up normally.

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A quick read of the manual

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sounds normal to me

DEL: BIOS Setup/Q-Flash
F9: XpressRecovery2
F12: Boot Menu
End: Qflash

Edit: formatting

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But why doesn't it Flash the logo

by ComputerCookie In reply to A quick read of the manua ...

I can't be bothered to restart my system to find out if there is an option!!!

Am I missing something Rob, all my PC's over the last 11 years have had a Gigabyte MB, but I've never seen a Logo, is it subliminal?


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I really don't know

by Jacky Howe In reply to But why doesn't it Flash ...

whether it depends on the weather or the environment but it seems to have a mind of it's own. It always seems to be noticable when you are installing an OS but after awhile it seems to disappear and you only see it now and again. We are talking about the S-Series motherboards and when they are configured properly they don't take too long to start up.
You know it's funny but I normally disable the Logo when I'm working on a clients System so that I can see what is loading at startup. I reckon it's a lot easier to get a client to press the Pause key on startup than to try and get them to TAB at the right time and then Pause.
I suppose that I could have a play with @BIOS and see if that makes any difference to the Logo showing. Or maybe I could try disabling it and reboot and then enable it again. I will have to wait until I get some space to set it up again anyway.

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With the P43 and 45 M'Boards from Gigabyte

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to But why doesn't it Flash ...

The Default is with the Logo Off so that you only see the POST Screens as they work their way through the POST process. You have to switch the Logo On to not see the Post Process.

If you go back to something like the GA6 Series of Boards they didn't have a Logo Option on them they just showed the Standard POST Displays. I'm not exactly sure at what point the Logo Option was made available but I seem to remember that it was available when Gigabyte Introduced the Dual BIOS Option on their M'Boards. But don't hold me to that.


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It must have been around for awhile

by Jacky Howe In reply to With the P43 and 45 M'Bo ...

and I found a reference to a BIOS update dated 2002 for BIOS,GA-7VRXP (Rev 1.1) ... Hide "Show Full Screen Logo" CMOS setup option when no Logo file in BIOS.
I must admit that I'm not familiar with Gigabyte boards with AMD as I stick to Intel.

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I think that Gigabyte introduced the Logo

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to It must have been around ...

When they adopted the Dual BIOS Configuration.

I know that the GA6-BXDU didn't have that available and an newer P3 Board didn't have it or a early P4 Board that I have here but as none of them have the Dual BIOS I think it was just something brought about by that and when Gigabyte introduced the Dual BIOS over their entire range they standardized on that setup.

I generally use Intel Boards as well but over the years I have used a couple of AMD Boards for Special customers, basically any Domestic Work where they want a cheaper system gets MD CPU's but if they want reliability they get Intel as Intel just is a more solid company who doesn't pull idiot stunts that take it to the edge of Bankruptcy like AMD has constituently done over it's life.

Maybe I'm just cynical though but after seeing AMD pull so many stunts I just don't trust that they will be around for the long haul. Though I did get one of the AMD's back recently because the BIOS Battery had gone flat and after 5 years that was the only thing that I had ever had to touch on that system.


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