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GIS implamentation

By waylon34 ·
New Project! GIS, Can anyone advise me on a stable, complete, expandable GIS system. What should my server/workstation system requirements be? I have serveral departments that are connected to the server via 128k lines, and some remote sites through dialup, that need to access and change this GIS information. Should I use Internet Services to share this data, or should I use terminal server? ANy other suggestions. I would like the first setup to be the ideal one, but not sure which direction to go. Can anyone help?

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GIS implamentation

by criccool In reply to GIS implamentation

Hi, I m yash arora working as n/w administrator in ISP.
first step is that u can connect via internet by getting a static IP for ur server from any ISP co. in ur region by using TELNET to that IP. but there is no security to ur data. You can use terminal server but it is very costly.
for any further enquiry, u r most welcome.

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GIS implamentation

by waylon34 In reply to GIS implamentation

I am more interested in the server\workstations config, and whether anyone has had success with terminal server (GIS), versus running GIS trough WAN with slow connections. But thanks for your input.

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GIS implamentation

by bruce In reply to GIS implamentation


I worked for a while at a county GIS dep't using ArcInfo and ArcView. Are these the products you will be using? Or Intergraph?

The problem is that the files are big or huge. We tried on the LAN either running remote into the UNIX boxes, or on a work station pulling the data files from the Unix servers, but neither was fast.

Terminal Server/Citrix sounds promising. Is ArcView published for MetaFrame? You would absolutely need to be reassured of this by ESRI, and also run a pilotproof of concept.

The sticky wicket is the screen refreshes. There is a lot of data in an ortho projection with multiple overlays.

One possible source of further info is your regional ESRI users group. Here in NJ it is NEARC.

Hope that helps,


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