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Giving a job description to Engineers

By remoteuser ·
I was wondering how people interpreted the following on a job responsibilities sheet:

Oversee daily operations of WAN.

Would you interpret this as you would have to configure and oversee that the internet connection is up and running or does this statement ask for more?

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Engineering job descriptions

by nenupharvn In reply to Giving a job description ...

These are many positions of Engineering department. It can include:
1. Engineering assistant
2. Engineering clerk
3. Engineering executive
4. Engineering assistant manager
5. Engineering manager
6. Engineering director
7. Engineering specialist
8. Engineering associate
9. Engineering supervisor
10. Engineering coordinator
11. Engineering officer

Based on the above positions can help you to set up Engineering dept, design job descriptions, Engineering interview questions.

Apart from that, this link below may be useful: <a href="">Engineering job descriptions</a>
I hope that this comment can help some info for our communities.


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This is the same list you posted for Accounting.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Engineering job descripti ...

All you did was replace the word 'Accounting' with 'Engineer'.

A generic list of titles is of no value without a description of their responsibilities. What's the difference between an an associate and a specialist? Between a manager, a director, and an executive? Between a supervisor and an assistant manager? Between a clerk and an assistant?

Addressing remoteuser's question, I'd consider Internet responsibility as part of WAN operations, but I'm not the boss. Why not ask the person who wrote the description? If you're the one writing it, I suggest you specify it includes Internet connectivity to avoid any future confusion. There's always the catchall "other duties as required".

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