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Giving Notice

By BigAbe ·
So I have decided to take on a new job. I have worked for my current employer for 10 years. It hasnt been all bad, but has progressively been getting to the point where I am truly not happy.

I have never given a resignation before, and need advice.

I have the resignation letter typed and ready to give my director in the morning. My last day is 1 Jan 07, but I will be on vacation starting Dec 26th, which was already scheduled before I got the new job. So is it OK to give 2 weeks notice and only work half of that time?

This is also an at will work state, but I dont want to burn any bridges either.

What do you think?

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That depends

by jdmercha In reply to Giving Notice

How is your relaionship with your director? What are your company's policies? Did you sign any employee acknowledement form?

Where I work I have to give three weeks notice. And I loose whatever vacation I have left.

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by BigAbe In reply to That depends

Relationship is good with my director. No policy exists but says they would like at least 2 weeks notice. And I get all vacation accrued and unused regardless.

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The spirit of it...

by JamesRL In reply to Good..

The spirit of most policies around notice is that you give them 2 weeks working notice. Most of my employers would expect me to work for two more weeks, and if I had vacation they would pay me the vacation owning on separation.

How flexible they are depends on how much backup you have. If they can survive without you for some time, they might be more generous.

If I wanted to leave on good terms, I would ask them to decide if they want me to work that time you had booked off.


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I was in a similar situation two months ago....

by Navy Moose In reply to Giving Notice

On 31OCT06 I gave notice to my employer after three relatively good years. I was concerned because as a contractor I earned no benefits and I figured I had a 40% chance of being shown the door by the Ops Manager. I sweated bullets the whole morning until he was out of his meeting.

I truly wanted to do the two weeks to help my customers have a smooth transition and not to be a burden on my colleagues because I was scheduled to be on call that week.

I explained everything to my manager and told him I was leaving reluctantly because I needed benefits. He congratulated me and allowed me to do my two weeks.

Your manager probably already knows about your vacation plans. If your relief is familiar with your duties and can step in with a shortened training period, your manager should let you go, especially if you're travelling.

Navy Moose

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