Giving on the 98...

About two to three years ago, I was given an old computer with Windows 98 on it (to help with school work). However, the computer (which has a 300 mhz processor and now a whopping 160 MB of RAM) runs so much slower than both my old laptop and my current laptop that I no longer see a reason to keep it anymore, other than for testing an alternative OS (i.e. one of those Open-Source OS'es that so many in this community support).

And so, the question: Does anyone have recommendations for a decent Open-Source OS to install on this computer?

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Ubuntu 8.10

by ---TK--- In reply to Giving on the 98...

Its a good solid OS, I read a couple threads where they had it running on a P2 so you should be good to go.

added: hm.. min RAM requirements is 256MB, so you might have to go lower... Actually, you would have to go all the way back to 5.10... Ubuntu might not be your distro of choice... but you could always give it a shot... cant hurt

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harder than I thought....

by ---TK--- In reply to Ubuntu 8.10

Your limited RAM is really hindering what OS's you can run... I finally found an OS that you should be able to run MEPIS, not my first 4 choices... but it is a decent Linux distro.

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Downloading now...

... but I'll try to fix the 98 first. Of course, I could always use the (not so) new drive I just got to install MEPIS on that and then compare.

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Though I couldn't get it to install...

... probably because the bios is too old and because the memory it has sucks (i.e. fails more memory tests than a person with amnesia), I'm might be able to get it to work on a computer I'm building next week.

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thats no fun....

by ---TK--- In reply to Though I couldn't get it ...

it is an old machine... hm... I put Fedora Core 4 on an old Gateway back in 2000, the machine only had 128 MB of ram. Its an older OS, but it might work..

Also a great website to keep an eye on is

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I'd rather track down the cause of the slow speed first ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Giving on the 98...

Otherwise you'll end up being unenthused about the open source OS as well.

Your comparison with your old laptop and current laptop seems indiscriminately unfair, being as how you didn't specify the spec of either.

My memories of running Win98 on a Cyrix P-133 with only 16MB of RAM, are those of a system that didn't 'hang about' (the term - 'goes like sh|t off a shiny shovel' springs to mind).

So if you've got a snail-paced system with more than twice the horsepower and ten times the RAM - that is a problem I wouldn't ignore.

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I'll try tracking down the cause... soon as I get back from the lab. Oh, the comparison with the other two laptops was meant to be unfair. I can't actually use the old laptop (at least, as a laptop should be used- the lcd screen has been destroyed) without a monitor, and I'm using the other laptop currently for business. I don't want to get rid of the old Gateway, mostly because it still works, albeit slowly.

Actually, now that I think about it, I did have problems with Windows Media Player yesterday (I tried to play some the music that was on there, and it actually blue-screened). Oh, crap, I think I may have figured out the cause already.

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My 98 does same thing

by Slayer_ In reply to I'd rather track down the ...

Almost exact same specs as yours, but I have 700+ RAM, and its an absolute dog, 350mhz processor yet, moving windows, opening stuff, everything, slow. It's very painful. With no excuse.

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All of us tend to forget.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to My 98 does same thing

... just how slow 95/98 really was compared to today's standards. Back then, we 'thought' it was fast because we compared it to what we had before it. But, in all reality, it was actually slow. Remember when we got that first 486 computer and how fast it was compared to the 386/286? Then, along came the PI, PII, PIII. They flew and it didn't matter what OS you put on it.

That, and we have less patience today than we had 10-15 years ago! We all want it to happen NOW and don't want to wait!

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98 Slow Speed

by TheChas In reply to Giving on the 98...

Well, from my experience, Windows 98 had about a 6 month to 2 year run life before the registry got so large that Windows 98 did not have enough free resources to run well.

While you can get some relief with registry cleaners and registry defragmenters, the best fix was always a clean install of 98.

Yes, you can also get a big improvement if you can find more RAM to install. 384MB works well with 98. (3X 128MB DIMM)

If you have the Windows 98 CD, and all of your drivers, give a clean install a try. You will be amazed on how much faster your system runs.


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