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Glass walls is correct, but glass is not one-way

By tom.moore ·
The description of male colleagues checking I-phones and tuning out the female speaker is not unique. Most of the time its a pack mentality and it also happens to males in a female dominated situation. I've seen professional examples of both in places where I have worked. You don't even have to be in a meeting or at a job to see this mentality at work. Take a close look at large gatherings of people and you will see that sub groups have formed. They may form by gender, race, age, job experience, etc. with the gender, race, age groupings being the easiest to spot. An outsider to one of these groups that doesn't match the group "criteria" is at the "They aren't one of us" disadvantage. We can all logically say it isn't right, but we're humans, not vulcans and we have to admit to ourselves, that right or not it does and will happen. We have to learn to recognize and adjust to include when we are in the majority, and we are in the minority, we have to adapt and identify whether its the pack mentality at work or if it is an overt activity. Pack mentalities can be forgiven and overcome to an extent. If its overt, then its complaint or bail time.

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thread reposted back to original glass ceiling thread

by tom.moore In reply to Glass walls is correct, b ...

Augh! I hate when I hit the wrong button. I've re-posted the response back to original thread "Workplace sexism: Glass ceilings are supported by glass walls". Please post any replies there.

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