glitch in newly installed chrome

By mmdlove ·
just reinstalled Chrome, browser will not work, this is after 3 attempts and only did it because my browser did repeated aw snaps, then crashed. I am looking for a solution to why I cannot sign into chrome or get settings andtools to respond to my wishes. Anyone hear this kind of story before. Win 7+9 64 bit, IE works. I need to use chrome and ie as a back-up. Freelance writer on Hubpages trying to get back to work today. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Hardware has not failed, and I recovered windows with HP help almost 2 months ago. Previous Chrome age is almost two months...the crashed and uninstalled one...Lots of info but is pertinent I think.

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try a clean boot.

by databaseben In reply to glitch in newly installed ...

firstly, are you sure your installing chrome for windows or some other o.s.?
secondly, you may have too many antivirals running.

my suggestion is to execute a clean boot, then retry your chrome, then execute your standard boot (if desired)

to execute a clean boot, click on start, run, msconfig

once msconfig opens, go to start up tab and jot down all the entries that are checked/enabled.

then uncheck them all. (if you have a laptop, then you may want to leave entries eluding to keyboard and mouse enabled)

next reboot, and initialize your chrome download and try to install.

if the install is successful, then you can go back into msconfig and re-initialize your former startups (if desired). personally speaking, the only startup you should have is just an a.v. program. but its your system not mine.

however, if chrome still didn't install after the clean boot, then this is something for the google people to figure out for you. but as a test and as a back up, you might see if you incur the same difficulty with installing another browser, like fire fox or pale moon.

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